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Honey, I Shrunk The Kids Answered

So my office goes –ALL OUT- for Halloween. Everyone dresses up, each team chooses a theme, and decorates as if they’re filming a blockbuster movie. There are prizes, sure, but everyone just wants bragging rights for a year. In the 3 years I’ve worked here, my team has won 2 out of 3, and I’ve won best costume at least once (had to throw that out there; bragging rights, ya know).

Anyway, this year my team and I really want to do Honey, I Shrunk The Kids theme with a huge ant, huge grass, etc. But I am unable to find any instructions or similar projects online to help with ANY of these things. I am needing: instructions and/or ideas. Get creative for a moment and give me some ideas that we can use to turn our gray, cubicled area into a HISTK set.

Thanks in advance!


What about officey stuf? pencils, pens, maybe something printed on dot-matrix paper with the perf edges.

thanks guys! great ideas so far!!! i'll hafta post our finished project when the time comes.

Seems like you need a giant riding antmobile. Certainly not on the scale of a burning man art car, maybe make it out of a heavy duty office or custodian cart. Papier mache, foam, pool noodles, cardboard, pvc pipe, lotsa stuff to make the appendages and the rest of the ant. Maybe you could do green banners/streamers that roll down hidden from the ceiling to create your instant giant grass. Or have green streamers fabric panels blown up from the floor attached to fans. Or create inflatable giant grass blades or the giant ant. Need a giant lobster claw?  Look here in the comments to create your own inflatable object from plastic sheet tablecloths in different colors and inflated with a vacuum blower or fan. Or make a giant magnifying glass, you only need to stretch a sheet of clear plastic for the lens over a wood frame bulked up with cardboard and painted well.  Good luck.

Why not have *real* giant grass? Borrow (or hire, if you're made of cash) a load of potted bamboo plants to hide behind.

Otherwise, grass could be long strips of green fabric (cut to a point), made stiff by soaking in wallpaper paste / PVA glue / four and water paste and then being hung out to dry.

For the bugs, have a browse of the site for bugs and bug-like things (eg aliens), but my first inclination is to build a rough body out of balloons, then go to town with papier mache.