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Honeyed Almonds Answered

I have been making my own honeyed almonds for years now... and the way I make them I usually get a very shiney looking almond, something like this one I have been trying to get them to look and taste more like this one How do you reckon they do it? I have tried roasting the almonds after they have been soaked in honey... I've tried adding brown sugar when they are cooling... Im just not sure what to do... Do you think its the type of honey used? I usually use a clear runny type...

Hmm... let me know :)




I think they're tumbled in sugar.


I have tried that and it's not the same

Coated in toffee, then tumbled in sugar (in something like a cement-mixer...)


granulated maple syrup maybe?

you can granulate syrup?

Ooops, I guess I meant "crystallized" :-) I am not sure what "taste" you are after, but if you can get a concentrated amount (in a small quantity) to crystallize using the nut/legume as a seed, you might be able to do this (too much and you'll get big crystals :-)

Best answer.

Sometimes they are made by the street vendor with copper pots and he lays them out in the stand for the road grit and construction debris nearby to settle down on them.  Btw, the nut vendor is the bravest man in the world.  He whistles while hisnu legumes are burning.

Hmm, that looks like it may JUST work! thanks!

It looks like they've rolled them in something after adding the honey.

Maybe blitz a few dry-roast almonds in a blender, and roll the still-sticky almonds in the powder?

. I was going to suggest rolling in granulated (or brown) sugar, but see where you already tried that. I like Kiteman's idea of using ground almonds. Maybe a sugar/almond blend? Wouldn't be surprised if a little bit of salt is involved. Might need to do a second roasting to get the right look/feel.
.  Look at the list of ingredients on packages of store-bought HRAs. Maybe you can find a "funny" ingredient that does the trick.

That's what I thought, but when I rolled them in sugar it just wasn't the same... The blender idea might work...hmm