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Hood Ornament Help? Answered

I am starting to collect things that have to do with cars, like hood ornaments, and I came across this. I tried looking it up, but I found no help...anyone know? I swear I have seen it before, but maybe not.



Best Answer 6 years ago

It's from a mid- to late- 80's Buick Somerset.

Sort of looks like the S from a Stutz. I don't think it's a Studebaker as the S there is very elongated. Or, it could be a car I'm not familiar with. Have you tried to contact an automobile museum? One of my favorites is Swigart Museum. You could also try Boyertown Museum of Historic Vehicles. Look under their contacts or try some of the other posibilities under their "Links" pages.


Huh...this has been harder to find out than I thought... It does look European to me, but then again, that's just me.

In days of old, a lot of folk used their own hood ornaments instead of the manufacturer's mark.

This looks vaguely art deco. Maybe it's off a car belonging to a chap with the (last) initial "S"?

It looks a bit too clean for a homemade one. No welding marks, mistakes, too perfect.

I didn't mean home-made. Back then, all cars were amazingly expensive, and many were bespoke - this could be a craftsman or artist-made item.

For instance, I've seen a number of Lalique hood ornaments in art galleries and museums.

At a wild guess I'd say a post 1950s Studebaker, but it seems far too modern for their cars...

If it's showing backwards, it could very well be a Lexus ornament. The shape in reverse appears very much like their emblem.