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Hook up a bunch of old crt tv's and have them display one colour (RG or B) at a certain frequency? Answered

There's a whole bunch of old television sets lying around the neighborhood because of council pick up. 

Im wondering if there's some way to connect 12-16 of them together and have them hooked up to a laptop so that when music is played through them certain tv's will show a picture and if it is possible to have the screen show just red green or blue?

This could very well end up being another crazy project that never ends up happening but if anyone can help it would be much appreciated and I'll be sure to post an ible when its done.


It seems a lot of trouble to go through, when you could just use colored light-bulbs to do the same thing. A device called a "color organ" will turn on the lights with the music.

The easiest way to accomplish this would be to create one signal and use a few splitters to send the signal to all your CRTs. Basically, to do it for 16, you could get five of the cheapy coax 4 way splitters. Split your original signal four ways, then split all four of those four more ways. You'll also need a bunch of short 3 or 6 foot coax cables. Since each end signal is only being split twice, that should work fine without degrading the signal too bad.

Then you'll need to create your original signal for them. There are lots of programs you can download that will do different things when they play music.  You could either use something like a laptop with S-Video out and run it through a DVD player or VCR and convert it to your coax signal. Alternatively, ou could even do something like the oscilloscopes that are in the related column and point a video camera at it for your signal.