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Hooking up my safety 1st camera to a regular tv? (and another question)? Answered

I just bought a safety 1st camera at a garage sale for 30 bucks. It sends a black and white image and audio, the lense is surrounded by 18 IR LEDs. I've tried scanning available channels on my regular TV, and didn't recieve the image, and the mini TV doesn't have any outputs. Is there a relatively easy and cheap way to get the signal? I am also wondering why the IR LEDs glow cherry red, I've heard that some few people can see near infrared light, but 2 other people can see it roo. Is it because they are older LEDs


I don't know specifically about the camera - it outputs video in a composite video format, either NTSC or PAL. Is it wireless? You might be somewhat stuck with using the included monitor if it is wireless and doesn't output any signals anywhere. Check for what looks like a headphone jack. Commonly the video goes out a 2.5mm headphone jack with mono or stereo audio. IR leds commonly glow ever so slightly. Some bins do have that little cherry glow, others do not. You might be seeing SOME near-infrared - but most ir leds put out a TINY amount of near-red light.

the camera is wirell. I found what looks like a headphone jack, but my headphones just buzzed and the sound still came from the TV.

That means it uses one of the 3-ring (4 contactor) video wires (does it have 3 or 4 contacts for the camera plug?) There could also be power being carried - ground, 5-12v, audio, video- -etc.

the camera is wireless

doh...no wires out from the tv could cause problems. If it has the headphone jack, check into the polarity of it (probably the 4-ring, or 3 ring for mono audio).


8 years ago

If you don't like the light from the led you could but a blue filter on them it will block red and nir but not ir if you still have those super bowl ad glasses they work great