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Hot Sauce Beer Answered

Hot Sauce Beer wasn't quite right for a slideshow, but I am hoping that it will really find its' stride in the forums.

Despite what you may think, this is a good idea, and it's actually pretty tasty. It's called a Michelada in Spanish.

I swear I am not crazy - Wikipedia and Mexico agree.



6 years ago

try this:

In a beer glass add a few drops of worcestershire sauce, a few drops of lemon juice, and a little bit of black pepper, add the beer and results in a delicious MICHELADA.

Be warned - Someone decided to do this with my beer and tabasco, it was utterly vile tasting, seems to be best with certain sauces...

wow im gonna try it..... im an avid beer drinker and i would like to share putting worcestershire sauce in beer. it tastes like your drinking a steak... it can be dinner!


10 years ago

Even more exciting: I've actually purchased this cheap beer/clamato combo, then managed to leave it in a friend's fridge. ;)

(Picture compliments of flickr user uncleboatshoes, via CC license.)


Ah but does it have Capsicum ? :-) The spice of life you know

I believe you. I often get Goya Jamaican style Ginger Beer (although non-alcoholic) and it contains a fair amount of capsicum, the Heat of hot peppers. I will actually have to buy a little beer just to try it out, since I am not much of a beer drinker (I prefer either wine at a meal, or aged scotch) but if I am going to drink beer, I need "flavor" (I prefer Guinness Irish Stout) like an ale, or Bock. This will be an interesting twist on fermented hops for sure...