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Hotel made from trash Answered

The first hotel made from garbage has opened in Rome. Made by Save the Beach, the hotel used over 26,000 lbs of trash collected from European beaches.

Designer H.A. Shult explains “It’s made of garbage because where ever you go on this planet there is garbage. We are living in a time of garbage on the planet which we have only rented.”

OK, the hotel isn't entirely made of trash. The structure is prefab so that no one gets killed by a pile of trash falling on them. If you want to see it in person, go and check it out soon as it is not permanent.

World’s First Hotel Made of Garbage Rises in Rome


I've stayed in European "hotels" made of garbage, but those weren't intentional :-/

I've stayed in hostels that served garbage for food. Sound similar?

I've been in hospitals where you couldn't tell the food from the plastic ustensils by taste.....

I've been to a hospital where they served the biggest, best, most wonderous cheap meals ever. I usually tip generously.

Maybe I'm too easily annoyed, but it seems incorrect to say that the hotel is made from trash when all the structural portions were made from pre-fabbed, presumably non-trash, components. From the pics, it looks the use of trash is limited to the building's garbage facade.

If so, then the false claim that the hotel itself was made from trash places a symbolic "garbage facade" on the whole project. But does that undermine the creators' intent, or reinforce it?


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Some frogs say "Ribit," and some say "Gribit" (I'm sure I've seen the "gribit" thing somewhere or other... :). Frogs to whom the Stress Fairy* is being especially generous this week might say "Grrr...ribit."

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And Kermit says: Times are fun when you're having flies. LOL

A little chaotic for me to sleep there.

Well, lol...I think it's just plain fun, and it would make an excellent project for school kids who are learning about the impact of over -consumption of "stuff" upon the earth