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Hotmail formatting problem - a question from my mother. Answered

My mother uses Hotmail (Windows, IE), and is having an issue with formatting. 

Whilst typing an email, the formatting buttons (bold, underline etc) do not all work. They are visible, and if you hover the cursor over them they will tell you what they should do, but nothing actually happens.

Worse (for her), the emoticon button isn't working either. Click on it, and the selection of emoticons appears, but none will work.

Does anybody have a fix that can be described over the phone to a woman near the end of her seventh decade, who refers to the cursor as "the blinky thing", and who has to keep the instructions for cutting and pasting written down beside her computer?



Best Answer 4 years ago

If the java plugin is outdated then it is disabled as a security measure and the plugin needs to be updated again, so you're probably going to need Tom Cruise to explain it cos its going to be a mission. :)

You recommend updating Java?

Yes, easiest to do from "Start/All Programs/Java / Check For Updates"

and hopefully it updates the browsers plugin at the same time.

Looks like I'll have to access her computer myself.

I'll get my crowar...

Considering the lack of user knowledge i'll assume she is using IE. Also sounds like trying to get her to install another browser may be an issue.

Well bottom line is this is a java issue as Hotmail uses a web version of outlook that runs on java. I would start with clearing the java cache.

*I* didn't know there would be a Java cache. How do you clear it?

Is she on XP or Win7/Vista. It's different for each and can be found with a simple search. Can't remember both off the top of my head. I have a word doc at work with both methodes so i can copy and paste it into emails as people call in with java issues.

I have Windows IE11 on Windows 7.

Everything works for me in hot mail.