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Hotmail refuses to allow me to whitelist reply emails from Instructables Answered

I got a message to my powered USB hub Instructable, but Hotmail makes me "show content" each time I open the email claiming that the sender failed some kind of authentication test. I have never seen that message before from a sender I subscribe to. Maybe the web host here could contact Livemail.com and ask them what the issue is.

I can still follow the links in the email to reply, but Hotmail doesn't seem to like something about the way you send email.


Well, we figured it out. The fix will likely require us to migrate our emails to a different platform, so the temporary workaround is to keep unblocking the emails as needed.

It's definitely an issue with how our emails are sent, and the fix isn't trivial. It'll be a while before our emails appear as gloriously as they were intended.

Thanks. Maybe when people sign up you could warn them that there are
some issues with Livemail that you are working on. I could have used a
different email account, but this is okay for now. Microsoft's spam
filters are tough. I get over 100 spam emails a day in my Yahoo webmail
account, but rarely ever see spam on Hotmail. Their fix is pretty tight.
No one except the domain holder should be able to put a file like that
in their record. That makes spoofing a sender nearly impossible

If you go to your junk list, tick the email from instructables, then a "not junk" button should appear at the top of the screen.

Kiteman, the emails don't go in Junk at Hotmail, they go to my Inbox, but Live.com still doesn't want show all the content without me saying yes each time. I have no Livemail Contacts, to protect them from being hacked and misused. Microsoft does an excellent job of covering my back, but occasionally things get by. If I listed Instructables as a Contact, Livemail might let it pass, but I have never had to do that before. There is something about the way Instructables sends email that Livemail doesn't like.

I don't know what else to suggest, sorry.

Kiteman, here is a screen cap of the email message. It's a known Livemail issue. Creating an SPF record must be done by a sysadmin at Instructable.com


From a locked thread:

EDITED: April 4, 2013


I am aware that you guys received an email from a trusted source
and have been added to your safe list, but keep getting a warning

Be careful! This sender failed our fraud detection checks

To resolve this issue, the sender’s domain administrator should add the SPF record in the domain registrar. You may contact the sender's administrator to verify this information.

If your custom domain is registered through Windows Live Admin Center, please add the SPF record value to your registrar.

If issue persist, please create a new post and provide us with the following:

•Sender of the email
  • Sample of the email or message source
  • Livemail1.jpg

    In that case, you need to send a copy of that, plus a bit of explanation, to the site admins at service@instructables.com.

    I'll let them know to expect your mail.

    This is worth investigating, especially if other Hotmail/Live users have similar troubles.

    Anybody else notice this with their livemail.com accounts?