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House made of Tin Cans and Bottles Answered

When Manuel Rapoport found himself waist-deep in dry milk cans, he decided to make the best of it and weatherproof his house in Patagonia. Relying on what his infant twins had consumed, and donations from local restaurants and bars, he turned the cans into sheets to insulate his house. Glass bottles were cut in two and glued together, used as thermic-isolating bricks for small skylights and windows.
Plus it looks awesome! Kudos Manuel.

via: treehugger


i have seem houses that look alike www.operacion-sos.org

This is amazing. It looks really nice as well. Very sci fi.

This reminds me of the most awesome housing that I have ever seen: Have you ever heard of an earthship? They are out in the desert, and are made completely out of earth and recycled materials! They can create their own electricity, and have means for collecting water and using it. Being completely off the grid is amazing. One person was interviewed, and said her only bill was a propane bill.

earth-ships are pretty cool, they have their own community and sense of family, my friend "belonged" to one, untill he moved to cali with his mom...

Wow! Any photos of the interior?

this is very similar to what instructabler robbtoberfest did with his beer can roof and beer can floor tiles.

The house looks old... really cool!

Very interesting. A bloke down in Houston plated his house in beer cans...

Some of those photos look like the house has been draped in plate-mail.