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Hover Over Title Bug in steps Answered

So i was browsing the health by design, specifically the one about the grill smoker thing and I noticed that when I hovered over a step it was giving me some strange feedback. Instead of the step title and a portion of the content it said "false false 0 Internet Explorer ..." So I think there's a problem with the javascript or the php backend



8 years ago

This may just be a problem in IE.  Can you give it a shot in Firefox?


it is in firefox. IE doesnt come prepackaged with ubuntu XD

Hi, Noah.  It's as I said, the annoying MSWord paste-into-CKEditor bug.  I just tried it myself on FFF 3.6.3, and every one of the steps has the stupid MS Word tokenized crap in the hover-box.

Ah, no.  This is a long-standing bug with the way the CKEditor (the third-party product I'bles uses for their text content formatting) handles stuff pasted in from Microsoft Word.