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Hover Technology Answered

I have an idea for Hover Tech./Hover board. See if you used sound at a high enough decibel, but at a frequency humans and animals couldn't hear, it could work. Because sound is also a force, it can move things. Anyone agree or have some input?


All you would accomplish is a waste of energy. Sound cannot move things very much, and to accomplish what you are doing you would need a power source of almost Nuclear proportions. Even then you would need a speaker or other sound emitting device capable of withstanding such power, without exploding. That technology simply does not exist.

I'm sorry but this is extremely impractical, the efficiency of such a device would be awful, You'd have to have a very large battery producing alot of power, that large battery only adds to the weight needed to levitate with pressure waves. IN THEORY this could be possible but the waves would have to shut on and off rapidly to provide constant force over the entire area of the board. Think about your weight + the weight of board and battery + control mechanism and times that by 9.8 thats how many newtons of force the board would have to put out with every impulse. If you can do it, that would be an amazing feat of efficiency and ingenuity.

Sound is a pressure wave -- the air moves back and forth at high frequency. Continuous sound doesn't provide any sort of push. An "impluse" sound, such as turning a speaker on, will produce a small force initially, but not a continuous force.

Try doing a bit of research to find out quantitatively just what the pressure variation is for a typical sound wave. Then multiply that by the area you plan to use for your hoverboard. That will tell you the force that "could" be exerted, and you can compare that to the mass (weight) involved. Come back and let us know what you find.