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How Bright is a 112 Lm/W LED? Answered

Hello, I am on a mission to find a very very bright led preferably in red. I have seen lots of bulbs with ranging prices but don't understand how bright they are. One led I have seen is the Luxeon Rebel LXM5-PD01 which comes in red and is 112 Lm/W, I understand that it means 112 lumens per watt but how bright actually is that? And what would be its power consumption? Thanks


A lumen is a unit of luminous flux - in other words, brightness. A 60W GLS filament bulb (ie the "ordinary" type of lightbulb that everyone used before compact fluorescents, halogens and LEDs came into domestic use) emits about 700-800 lumens, so if your proposed LED is rated at 0.75W then it will produce 84 lumens and 9 or 10 of them would be equivalent to a 60W bulb.

Right, thank you :)

I should probably have explained what they are going to used for. I'm looking for a led/s to light a lightsaber blade and I want it to be extremely bright, visible in daylight if possible. But it also needs to be able to run of batteries or a battery pack.


2 years ago

Red and IR light will constrict your pupils to nothing... That is in my opinion much too bright....

Take a TV remote and in a mirror aim at your face then press volume up or down, your iris will shrink even though you see nothing at all... Do you know why ?

Bright can be very relative to the ambient light, the reflector/lens and other factors. e.g. the cree T6 is very bright in my torch and draws about 3 amps at 3.7 volts. so around 9 watts.

According to the datasheet, around 80lm, pretty darned bright for a little device, and around 3/4 Watt.