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How Can I Get My Instructable More Popular? Answered

I've Made An Instructable https://www.instructables.com/id/Knex-Bathroom-Set And I Want More People To See It. Have Any Tips?


One way is to get more subs by posting cool, innovative stuff. When you get more subscribers, more people will see your things, and you will get more popularity.

When I did Knex, I used to post things like that, practical stuff to be precise:


These things wouldnt be 'popular' without my subs. So it just goes to show; In time you will get more popular, dont worry.

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Thanks A Lot Guys, Could You Subscribe So I Can Get This More Popular? Thanks!


6 years ago

I don't to be too critical but the subject of your instructable, it seems to me, has a very limited appeal.
The Knexer segment of the instructables community seems to prefer guns, cars, ball machines and mechanical type devices and most of the people interested in a bathroom set will most likely have little interest in building a set from Knex.
Next time, you might want to consider something that will have a broader appeal.

If It Has A "Very Limited Appeal", Then Why Is It Featured?

See the other replies about getting featured, plus:

> Spread the word - if you use social websites like FaceBook or Twitter, post the link in places folk will see it, and pay attention to keywords and hashtags to increase the views from people searching.

> Blog it - if you have a blog, write about your work, but also send an email to relevant popular blogs (not just K'NEX blogs, but also product design blogs, interior design blogs, and even blogs about raising families), asking them nicely to do a feature on your project ("...because it will help encourage children to wash properly" etc).


6 years ago

Getting featured is a start. You can also check out Jayefuu's instructable on increasing views through SEO: https://www.instructables.com/id/Using-SEO-to-increase-an-Instructables-views/.

Sites like stumbleupon, pinterest, reddit, twitter, and facebook can bring in a lot of views.  Also promoting it on relevant blogs, for example are there other sites to show off your knex stuff and link back to your instructable.