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How Can I Make A Controller with a built in mic Answered

My xbox 360 headset was crap when i bought 360 the ear piece fell of so i cut the end of the wire attached to the headset.#3 is gone And The Wire In between #1 And #2 i have. So how could i build it into the 360 controller?


i all so have the orignal xbox mic with all wires attached

I may be able to help, but I need more details. What exactly is now missing from the headset? What parts do you have left? What experience do you have of soldering and electronics?

no experience with soldering but i very good with coumputers. heres the end i snipped of the headset.

C:\Documents and Settings\Cass\Desktop\Photo 37.jpg

Would I be right in thinking that you still have the headset, although in two pieces?

nope i lost the speaker pat to the headset so i threw away the rest

Hmm.. well it would really help if you had it, as you would need to have the microphone and speaker from it in order to solder it in permanently.

here the part that goes in the controller

C:\Documents and Settings\Cass\Desktop\Photo 35.jpg