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How Can I Sell My Homemade Stuff? Answered

Which marketplace is the best to sell my Homemade stuff?


Hello, I think Facebook is the best way to promote your stuff. You can also promote your stuff on some other gaint sites like Amazon, eBay or you can list your products on olx or any good Listing site......


3 years ago

Hello, I have been somehow successful in selling my homemade stuff like you say. I usually sell by commission although sometimes I make things for self promotion. I give one or two away then ask the person to let them know I made it. I also join local Flea markets and Garage sales in Facebook and other social medias. This is a hassle and it is often more trouble than not, especially if you do it as a side thing, some people are too demanding. The best way is to self promote and find connections. Let me know if this helps.

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3 years ago

Facebook just started introducing shops by small sellers.

I paint watercolor and acrylic painting of our amazing universe and beyond. Does anyone have any advise how I can sell it, I know there is the options of Etsy and Ebay, but is there anything else? I'm wondering if I should do some leg work, I live in NYC , maybe I should take my artwork into some stores? Any advise?

Legwork is free, and the worst the stores or galleries can do is say "no".

Facebook just started introducing shops by small sellers. Check it out.

Etsy is probably the best place to sell your handmade items. I prefer it over eBay as it was created for craft and homemade art. I've been a member since December of 2013 and had great success.


The obvious ones are Etsy & ebay.

Kiteman! Thank you for your help!