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How Cheesy Answered

Last night before going home from work, an ad popped up on the upper portion of the screen (not a pop-up ad) and it looked like the picture below. Well, I am always interested in new ways to have cheese (since I am NOT supposed to have any) and so I went to the site. Now, I was definitely not wishing to drive all the way to Harrisburg, just to sample some cheese bits, so I looked around the site a bit and lo and behold, they were going to visit a Giant Food store near me; and that was at noon today! I went there today, and they have really decent tasting 75% less fat cheese (cheddar) and some decent Colby too. I especially liked the habanero infused cheese, and found the Jalapeno one a bit on the mild side. Then, for coming out because I saw the ad, they gave me a REALLY nice cloth shopping (or whatever) bag. It is as roomy inside as a large paper bag is. It's been a good day....so far.


IM a personal fan of the Funniest Joke in the World

Lol!! One of the translators saw two of the words and spent a week in the hospital. LOL

Yeah, I was thinking of that when I posted ;-)

First thing that springs to mind when I think of cheese, or dead parrots...

I was going to go with "Crackin toast" from Wallace and Gromit. Kinda looks like Kiteman.

Does that tab say you googled Barny?!?

no problem ;-) anyone that is currently involved in watching Barney a lot could make that same mistake LOL J/K !!

read it as if the person speaking was speaking with a lisp.

Somebody needs to be pinched by their bubbe or nonna.

Well, Think of Silvester (the cat that chased Tweety bird) and you get the idea....it was just me being silly out of the blue (since you quoted big purple ;-)


9 years ago

Sounds great goodhart and I wish i had some chesse now.

Just this morning I started working on a piece of Stilton Kiteman apparently doesn't care for the strong taste of this brand of bleu cheese ;-)

Oh what do you think about the taste?

Well, it is definitely a strong taste, I find it good to slice thinly and placed on cream crackers; or it pairs very well with a little dry Port wine.

Sounds good i gotta try it.

Do you like Bleu cheese ? (sometimes spelled Blu cheese)

That's ridiculously coincidental. Anyways, would you be willing to drive to weissensteinburg?

Luckily I wasn't too busy to look at the ad (I LOVE cheese, but it clogs my arteries....*sigh*)

Finally, I got a chance to translate as I figured it might mean :-) I have a lovely piece of Stilton in my 'fridge that I want to start on this Weekend. ;-)


No, you need a good hard cheese, like a Wensleydale or a nice crumbly Lancashire.

Anything that makes your eyes sweat when you eat a lump of it.

Stilton is good with cream crackers, if sliced fairly thin. I have yet to try Limburger however. It is not really popular in my area, and it is difficult to find at times.

I don't associate "crumbly" with "hard" (e.g. Parmesan), but these are two of my favorites. There's a big difference between cheeses that turn into tasteless oily-goo under a grill, and these lovely acidic English cheeses which go well with pepper. (Mmmm) L

For grilling, I'd go with a Cheddar or Red Leicester. Wensleydale, though, is really nice in a sandwich of crusty white bread, with proper butter and blackcurrant jam.

Hmm, cheeses don't present many pun opportunities.... :-)

Although I have heard BabyBell cheese produces a tinkling sound :-)

I'm sure you curd think of a wey to manage...

Songs and Cheese are the two great things we get moldy oldies from,

Neutral about Swiss. Don't see a whole lot except for yodeling.

Which type of Swiss Cheese?

Sapsago ?

Some Swiss cheese is known as BLIND (because it has no holes)., um, for crying out loud ;-)

Which one is the big cheese? The Swiss do get around.

What comes around, goes around, those big wheels keep on turnin'