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How Chinese economy differ from other countries(like Canada, United States, Britain....)? Answered

First I appreciate everyone who answers.

I am going to a Canadian university for studying economics this fall. As an international student, i am strongly interested in economy, especially the differences between the economy of China and developed countries.

I have asked this question to my teachers and some friends in university, but their answers are mostly personal or narrow. So , i am look for a more overall and objective answer for it.

(Because English is not my first language, my words may be weird to read. I hope it wil not cause any communication problem. Thank you)



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I have been studying this subject for several years now. I have many books on this subject and the best one is titled "The 5000 Year Leap" by Cloen Skousen. Government economies have always followed the pattern of Government at the top and the people at the bottom as servants of government. The western form places God at the top, a moral people under God, then strong local government, and lastly the federal (central) government at the bottom (least powerfull). This is why America is called "The Great Experiment". What is the great experiment? It is the question of "Can Man Govern Himself?" Recently in the last 50 years, America has drifted away from these principles, and our federal government is getting very powerfull. Our next presidental election will determine our choice to either go BACK to our founders principles (Mitt Romney Republican/ Tea Party) or make the federal government bigger (Obama/ Democrats). I am on the side of the Republicans & Tea Party. If you are interested in this subject you can visit the website nccs.net ..... if your government allows you to do it .

Your answer is interesting...
You said the government economies always followed the pattern of government at the top. Is it because of the despotism or it is just because of the immaturity of people's awareness towards economy?

It is despotism. The founder of america, George Washington, was given the opportunity to be our "king." But he REFUSED because he knew the heart of all men is to be a despot... even himself. But America had put up with many years of despotism from the king of England and we were sick of it. Washington refused the role of KING and helped set up our REPUBLIC (not a democracy). When King George of England (our despot king) heard of this, it is said he was amazed that general Washington refused to be king of the USA. Few Americans know these historical facts about their own country... and .... this is why America is traveling down the road of socialism/communism right now. This coming election will determine which way we will go.

Oh Canucksgirl - you Canadians are Sooooo sensitive!! :-)

The western economy is driven by choice, there is a wide range of global products available in almost all parts of the western world at affordable prices.

Relative wealth is widespread although poverty isn't unknown.

Economically we are all having a hard time at present.

In addition you are going to one of the most beautiful countries in the world. ;-)

Don't worry, we can even understand Canadians.....

I suppose the major difference is certainly our perception of your economy is that it is a command based economy, and ours aren't