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How Did You Find Instructables? Answered

How did you find Instructables? From a friend? Random internet surfing? I was in a store one day and I saw a rubberband gun and thought that it was cool. so when I got home i looked it up on the internet and eventually irwinner's knex RBG came up. I built it and was hooked on Instructables. I had finally found a group of people who arent afraid to show the world their ideas be they world changing ones like j_l_larson's butter pen( you should really patent it) or just fun ones such as the altoids cotten candy machine made by gimmelotsarobots. I joined the day I turned 13 and have been a proud member since. Please tell how you discovered Instructables and how (and if) it changed your life. Thank you so much irwinner!


I was looking up info on CNC milling machines when I saw a link to one of the DIYs on Google. I haven't done anything yet, but as soon as I clean out my garage, I know where I'll be spending all my waking hours!

I love to build things, on on my frequent google searches for DIY projects, I stumbled across this website. it was love at first sight! and now I spend the majority of my time on the internet here.

I wonder if Kiteman is trying to hint in some way this topic has been brought up before and to search your forum topic before posting first...... but i could be wrong. I StumbleUpon'd on this site.

I was about to say that it was been brought up, at least two times already... =)

I used to search a lot for DIY projects.Ibles came up on my search results.I began searching ibles.At the age of 9 I joined instructables.


10 years ago

i found it looking for a paper airplane that resembled an A-10 warthog

I found Instructables by internet surfing for flyback transformer driver, and this instructable had lead me from google searches to Instructables. And after a while, I joined Instructables.

P.S: The guy's YouTube account is called WarriorJudgePirate.

I found out this series of videos in YouTube called I'bles now on YouTube: How to make a Bokken and he provided a link. I clicked on that link andd fall in love with the site.

[/member/Hungry_Myst Hungry_Myst] introduced me.

It's almost unmissable if you Google anything DIY related.