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How Do Contests Work? Answered

How does the member voting influence the contests? I thought that i was the driving factor, but after reading the rules I can't tell if it is even taken into account because of the way the judging is described.


Member voting chooses approximately half the finalists.

The other half are chosen by staff and the contest sponsors. They might be late entries that deserve a shot without having had time to build up votes, or projects that meet the sponsor's specific requirements.

The finalists are then handed over to a team of independent judges who vote in more detail (it's a numbered scale), without knowing how many votes the projects had.

Hello Kiteman, in the comment which I am replying on, you said "The other half are chosen by staff and contest sponsors. They might be late entries that..." About that 'they might be late entries' Just how 'late' is that? Round about. Thanks.

To clarify, instructables will not be allowed entry to contests if they are published or submitted for entry after the contest deadlines (i.e., "late").

What Kiteman was referring to as "late entries" were the ones that entered the contest toward the end of the open period, yet still before the closing deadline.

His explanation is spot on though, and gets a thumbs up from me :)

It's vague - in the last couple of days/hours.

Thanks Kiteman, that is a great explanation. That's also a good system. I was wondering that very situation. I was a late comer to a contest and was wondering if there was enough time to get enough votes. I appreciate the quick reply.