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How Do I Find Out if the 8th grader I like likes me back? Answered

Hi,im a fourteen year old girl that is in 7th grade but i was suppose to be in 8th grade and well on facebook i met this guy called Cesar Valencia and he goes to my gym class so he accepted my friend request we got along and everything so then i told him that if he wanted to meet he said "ya i will like that "so that day was the day all of 7th and 8th were going to proser to go see a play of bullying and well we decided to meet early in the morning and i was really shy when i saw him. everybody from school was already inside school so we talked about what class we go in and are grades we were getting to know each other and so that day we gave each other a good bye hug and then we saw each other at proser but the actors were not ready so the dancers that were hired 4 the play teahed us how 2 dance so i went up stage 4 the people wanted to participate and cesar also went up i was happy becax we both danced and we always talk in fb and we had good time and everyhting then valentines was coming up so idecided to be brave and ask him out that day but in a letter with a box of chocolatemy messenger send it 2 him later in after scool he told my sis tat he said maybe i got do exited. so then like were in different grades we didnt see each other talked in person only talked on fb so the this after scool was coming up to help people with homework and my friends participate so i participate also 4 4th to 8th and 7th and 8th went together and cesar was the only 8th and idk he was goint to join.... sry to long ummm.lets skip to the point so we got along and i liked him more than ever i always told him 2 tell me how he feels about me he said it was to confusing to exlain and tat he will tell me on the day he graduates so im still waiting and so 1 day in after scool we played thruth or dare and then it was my friend kevin turn and cesar dared him 2 give me a kiss on the cheek he did but it was apeek so then it was my time 2 dare cesar i told him to kiss a boy in the cheek and he said no boy so i told him any girl he said he will do it in lunch but in lunch he didnt and we went 2 computer and i forgot all about it untill the hole class went in front of me so i was behind so idk tat cesar was in the back so before we went in he grved my chin and kiss me in the cheeck that shocked me i didnt talk about it at all i acted like it never happen but i see him flirt with girls from 8th and touches them and i wish i was in 8th
how do i know he likes me back? should i wait till he tells me on the day he graduates? or should i just 4 get him? help me 2 find out wat 2 do.


What's with all these kids looking for dating advice lately?

Look guys and gals, here is the key. Just be friends with the person. Don't worry about dating or becoming boyfriend/girlfriend. That can come later. If you 2 are mutually attracted to each other then let it grow on it's own.

If your under 16 there is no reason to have a boyfriend/girlfriend. At your age it's nothing more than a status symbol. Dating shouldn't be a status symbol. Dating is about finding that one person you'll want to spend the rest of your life with and maybe start a family. Just try not to focus on it so much. This will be one of many that you'll be attracted too and want to have a relationship with. No need to rush your still young and will likely have many boyfriends to come.

I Agree and if I could add to what mpilchfamily posted bye saying there is really no point in dating if you can't drive, I mean what are you gonna do ask your mom to take you and your date to a restaurant? I mean its just ridiculous kids these days!

don't tell me u were never a kid once and never felt in love because if u didn't that would b messup. and really a restaurant, who go's there on a 1st date!? kids don't go there anymore

umm I'm only 14 and kids go to fast food restaurants all the time with each other we go there and the movies for dates.

oh.. lol tats cool that ur 14. my bad I thought u were a adult answering my question sry.

I've been there and done that. Experience has taught me the difference between love and infatuation. You will learn the difference in time.

umm.. like he's not worth it i'm not just saying that cuz i know you. but mplichfamily is right love comes slow then, it goes so fast just don't do something dumb that can hurt you?