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How Do I Know If A 7th Grade Boy Likes Me? Answered

Hi,I'm 13 and there is this boy in two of my 7th grade classes who makes funny jokes and makes me laugh.I have a crush on him and he knows because of one of my friends big mouth.He takes it cool and wanted to be friends with me.We talk alot and sometimes I catch him looking at me.One time when we were watching a movie in class and in stead of sitting with his friends he sat by me.He told me he knew I liked him and he said he'd go out with me if he didn't have a girlfriend.How Do I Know If He Really  Was Serious About That And That He Really Likes Me?




5 years ago

Yes... he was serious. Yes... he "likes" you.  I'm old. I know these things. ;-)

Continue being the cool girl, as in: receptive but not overly eager.  Be patient but don't sit around waiting for him, either.  Just have fun like he doesn't exist. 

Kids your age Young adults tend to be extremely fickle. Girl/Boyfriends will come and go.  Tender hearts will get broken and heal.  Yours included. ;-) 

Enjoy the ride!



5 years ago

Well, someone who doesnt like you wouldnt ever say that, so its safe to asume he likes you. However if he REALLY like liked you hed push his girlfriend off a cliff to go hang with you.
boys arent as complex as girls, i would find an apropriate time to just directly ask him if he meant it. This may be difficult being as he already has a girlfriend though.
In all of this im asuming your a girl, if not, i really am not sure then.