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How Do I keep my Rice Krispie 3D cake from collapsing? Answered

help!! i need to make a 3D lego cake for my son's B-day. I have the Lego mold for cake. I made Rice Krispie treats and put it in the mold and then to the freezer. When i pulled it out, the treats seemed solid. I started to add  the fondant and start to sculpt, then in no time the Lego person collapsed on itself!...

If i try the same thing with cake, won't it collapse on itself as well? if i make the cake version, would i need to stick a dowel thru it?

Need to make this cake by the 24th...pls help!!!

Trying to make a lego boba fett and cad bane..

thank you for trying to help this mom make her son's bday memorable!!


Thank you everyone for your suggestions and feedback.
i am trying the chocolate route for this adventure! i have a cake back up if this does not work out!!
if it does, look for pictures being posted soon

Hard chocolate may work, otherwise you need hard-toffee. Melted they should stir-in, but cold they should be stiff.


If you're using the same recipe my school used to, the rice cripsies are only held together by syrup, which won't dry out for... months. Anything bigger than a cup cake and you'll have "structural issues" (it will ooze and collapse).

If, though, you switch to melted chocolate, and get a generous amount coating the crispies (like my mother does for her "Easter nests"), and you'll have something you can stack as high as your son without problems (as long as the room isn't warm enough to melt the chocolate).

However, if you are still keen to use syrup, why not reinforce the structure?

Lithium Rain suggested toothpicks, but why not add something edible? Mix in lengths of candy cane, or stir in chopped-up candy laces?

Or mortar it with sugar? Put a layer of crispie-mix in the mould, then drizzle over with melted sugar. Add another layer of crispies, another layer of sugar, then when you take it out of the mould, drizzle another layer of sugar all over the outside before you start adding the frosting.

My sister and I used toothpicks to hold together rice crispie cake numbers we made for a cake. You might use toothpicks, chopsticks, dowels, etc. Or cut the lego man in layers while still frozen and cement them with fondant, then sculpt. Let us know how it goes!