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How Do I make a 15" by 35" reptile tank? ..Or am I better off buying one? Answered

I want to keep it as cheap as possible. Any Ideas?



From my experience it's cheeper to make a Terrarium. start by finding some acrylic or glass, it will cost $3 or less per square foot. then find some stainless steel corner brackets that will cost $10 for a 8' peace, and last find some silicon caulking witch will cost $8 a tube. the one I made is 46x18x18 and cost $122 and one day to make. and for the one you describing is missing one measurement. to find the price of your Terrarium use this formula ((3.646+8.333X)x3)+((8.333+4X)x1.25)= the price X=the missing measurement in feet in decimal value. Assuming the missing measurement was 15 then the cost will be $60! pulse the silicon and this includes a lid, for a similar size a tank from http://www.bigappleherp.com/Big-Apple-Acrylic-Aquariums?sc=8&category=34 this will cost $139 double the price of the materials. once you have the materials you can start making it by cutting them in to the flowing demotions. 4 peaces of acrylic 15x35 and 2 15x15 then 6 peaces of corner brackets 15 and 2 35, the, glue it and your done.

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9 years ago

Thanks guys - yep, I forgot. 35x15x15. Next time I visit my local pet shop I'll make sure to ask.

Go to local pet stores and have a look at the price of tanks - some of the plastic aquaria may be cheaper than buying the parts to make your own. If you go to an aquarium store that does not sell reptiles, you may be able to get a tank for free or cheap if it has a slight leak - it costs nothing to ask.