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How Do You Cut Your Piece?? Answered

Hey guys, this is my first Forum topic. Now today I would like to ask y'all how do you cut your pieces? I mean, I've been trying from ages and I can not get a smooth edged cut piece. Now I have used a hacksaw as well as a plier both of which have failed to produce a smooth edge. The results can be seen below. Also I do not have any sandpaper and neither do I have any shops near my house which supply it! Can I ask you all how you cut your pieces? Answer fast. Best answer gets a cookie! Lol. 


Use wire cutters. They slice through them insanely easily.

Are you from India, or did you live in India? (the name ''akshat'' sounds hindu to me)

Oh right! Cool, nice to know...

I don't actually. I believe where there's a will, there's a way. Give an example of a mechanism that isn't possible at all without a cut rod. So far, the most common use I've seen from them is for magazines. But it's completely possible to make magazines without them. What's another example? Anywho, if you want to use them, that's up to you. Just know it limits the amount of people who will want to build your weapon.

"Just know it limits the amount of people who will want to build your weapon..."

Not really any more. That used to be the case, but almost everybody now-a-days uses / has broken pieces. If not everybody.....

Broken. Not cut. This is key. I'll use broken pieces if they are easily replaced by normal pieces in my builds or should be fairly common such as oranges with a side missing on one connection. But I refuse to cut rods for edgless white rods. There are ways to build around this and I want to encourage finding these instead of lacking creativity.

I am from Delhi...........The paint stores carry sandpaper's(they usually have the 100 & 180 grit ones).Sometimes you have to ask them in your regional language(some of them do not understand the term sandpaper)(ask them to give you "regmar" or simply show them a pic of it from your phone).
The stores that deal in Plaster of paris, cement & hardware shop's......should have/or know where you can acquire it.
If you live near an industrial area then it will be the best place you find such stuff.
Happy Gandhi Jayanti

It's as if you guys are ignoring me... 1. I don't have cut rods nor plan on ever cutting rods. Thus not everyone has them. I'm an exception to that claim and I'm sure there are others.
And it's lazy building. If the build is really that good then the builder should have the skill to build without them. The second I see cut rods used in a build, I find the build less impressive. It'd be like adding duct tape or another material. But whatever. I'd like a generation of more innovative builders, not corner cutters, but it doesn't really matter. I'll just continue building my way.

Akshat my guess is that you are from India(coz i am too from there),if so
ask your dad where the paint store is at......they mostly have sandpapers(get the sandpaper to smoothen the edges)

well my dad is a contractor so....... yeah I get access to his tools

Oh, then get a de-burring tool. They have them at hardware stores.

I'd start by not cutting the pieces and end with not cutting em. :)

I always use a bush trimmer or something of the sort, and if my cut is not straight, I go out to my concrete patio and grind it down.

I used a hacksaw and didn't have a seizure while cutting it. Nice straight lines.

Sorry... Can't help you there. The only way I get broken pieces is by accident. :( I've never needed them...


4 years ago

I use pliers, then sand it down.

I think most people with tools would use a hot knife. If you don't have an electric soldering iron type hot knife, just heat up a utility knife blade with a lighter or flame and it goes through it like butter.

I use a sharp x-acto knife. Really similar a dr.r in setup anyway.

Please, please, please, for all that is good and sacred, just don't cut rods. I use broken pieces (i.e. pieces that actually did break from natural use and thus I'd expect people to also have) but cut rods are like cheating. I see them when people need to connect three layers without having the white rod sticking out. This can often be avoided simply by using another building method. I've done this with a yellow rod magazine held together by green rods. Just try avoiding white rods entirely instead of cutting rods.

But to each his or her own I suppose. The key is securing both ends and not letting anything bend. Then you should be able to saw through a little more cleanly.

Clamp both sides to a board before cutting and cut through it into the board. I've found that giving support to your cut makes a huge difference.

Most of my cut rods were made with a vice and a small hacksaw.
For cut rods, white rod length, just click it on 3 connectors. Put the assembly in the vice, then cut of the tip. Gives pretty smooth edges