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How Do You Design Your Knex Guns? Answered

There are lots of innovative Knex guns out there. But how did you come up with the idea? Please share your story and methods! -Did you try endlessly to make something work or purely by accident did you come up with a great idea? -Do you draw diagrams or sketches before design, or do you just rip out your tub and start building Knex ? -Any particularly interesting stories behind a gun design? Please share!



I just build the frame according to the features I want, and the gun takes shape according to how I make the components here's a pic of my newest gun:


Considering it was posted literally 5 years ago when I started knexing I agree.

ive been intrested in knex for about 11 years and i used to build vehicles adn then i ran out of inspiration so i googled knex instructions and after alot of searching i came across this site and therefore found knex guns. i usually think of new designs randomly and they work 60% of the time

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um, well on big guns i make the frame first, and a rough version of the mec out side of the gun, then i work on fitting the mec into the gun frame, and go from there.

i am now learning that i need to draw a version of the mecs i come up with on paper right away before i forget. if i had done that i would have a huge book of all my mecs, posable and imposable.

i just come up with some idea out of no were. i don't know how. just happens. also i can't control it so i end up having it bug me during school were i can't get to my K'nex to build it. most of my idea happen right before i go to bed, so i try to lay the idea out before i hit the hay.

most of my other guns are really mods of other ideas or designs in disguise, take my rifle for example, believe it or not, it is really a heavy mod of the_burrito_master's crossbow, can you see it?


I've have been a K'nexpert for a long time since my fascination with them after my older brother got some. It started when Pizza Hut had a promotional thing where they had 4 miniature K'nex models that when you got all of them together you could build a hovercraft. So we joined forces and started racking up a big pile of K'nex to build whatever from. We had this subscription to a quarterly newsletter from K'nex that my brother actually won a contest for and his picture was put on one. We both have ADD, so engineering runs straight through our blood. He moved on to metal and cars and let me keep all the K'nex. I think I have been at it for at least ten years. If I were to count the number of K'nex guns I have made, I think the Red Impact was probably around the 12th to 15th reincarnation (some of the previous forms were quite interesting, wish I still had them), and the only one that has lasted over a year without me figuring out how to improve on it. As far as how I make mine, it's an ongoing process. Whenever I get an idea, I will make a hurried, flimsy prototype version just to see if the concept works. Doing this lets my brain go the way it needs to, and seeing what's wrong with the prototype helps get a serious model right. Structure and mechanics all meld together into what's absolutely necessary with no parts or space wasted. Once I have a clear idea what it's going to be like, my ADD sense takes over and I just build. Like. Crazy.

Were the previous Red Impacts really unconventional or something? What else are you building right now?

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i have a certificate saying im a knexpert, i won the knex challenge at school :D

I cant believe your school actually had a knex contest......

hello, the best way in my opinion is to first draw a gun shape on paper. then I make a single layer shaped like my model. by that I mean one side of the gun. third I make another one. also I find a good trigger on the internet you can copy or just make your own. also I look at other guns on this site to see how they work. on my first layer I add white or blue rods where desired. then I either put the barrel inside using orange connectors and green rods or just add three frame parts to make a solid barrel. I make sure to leave room for the shooting mechanism. I add rubber bands(gum bands)on the trigger pulling to the front and a band on the tip. then I load the way It's designed. pull the rubber band back and hook it onto the shooting mechanism, pull the trigger, and hope it works. If it doesn't I either try again by trying to figure out why it didn't work or take it apart and try again with a different model. If you fail try again. don't get discouraged. It took me exactly 137 tries before I got one to work by myself. Hope this helps.

Well I first came up with the idea of building a Knex gun around 7, when I wanted a slingshot. I never found that perfect Y shaped branch, so I built one out of Knex. It wasn't really sturdy, but then I added a barrel, and you know how the rest goes. Eventually, I longed for a machine gun, and soon I had built my first AST Rifle. Usually when I build, I start out with a barrel. I noticed mepain starts out with a frame, so his guns always look the best.

I think it's easier to build the frame first, then the guts. Think of it this way, If you build the inner mechanisms first, then try and make a frame to go around that, you may need to make some modifications to the inner mechanisms, the gun may not look as good as you originally thought, and it may be uncomfortable to use. If you make the frame first, you can make it comfortable, make it look good, then make the inner mechanisms to fit the frame. This prosess only works well with big guns like the shifle, sniper, and the inferno. Other basic guns don't even have a frame, they are only naked mechanisms, and all are the same, no matter what combination of pieces they are in. Of corse there are different types of barrels, and some barrels are integrated into the frame, like your AST Rifle.

even though that was 4 years ago i think your right i alway go with the frame first

I have had knex since they came out O so long ago but i agree with Mepain building a frame then getting in the complicated parts after you get a general idea is a good way to build. I haven't had much experience building guns(not that i never built any) but thats how i did build all my transformers.