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How Do You Like the New Editor? Answered

How do you like the new editor?  It's called the CKEditor, and it shows you how the text of your Instructables and comments look while you are editing them.

It was quite an undertaking to convert all the existing text on the site, so if you see anything awry, let us know.


Firefox's spellchecker now works within the editor, and we've disabled the annoying pop-up paste function.  Sorry we didn't catch both issues earlier, but they only appeared on certain browsers (FF3, not FF2).

If you are still having issues, try clearing your cache and doing a hard refresh.

We're stilling fighting with the context menu, which allows you to select a suggested spelling of a word.

If you misspell something, it gets underlined in FF, but you still can't right-click it to choose the correct spelling.  We're working on fixing this, too.

I dont think any of the formatted text in any of my 'ibles displays correctly and I haven't been able to utilize any formatting (formatted text, subscript, etc) since the change. :(


8 years ago

I notice a number of people's comments appear to have had the HTML reverted from them- at first I took it for someone accidentally putting tags in the comment text while not in source mode but it looks like it's more widespread than that.

I'm not at all surprised to see that my 1995-homepage post abusing tables and other tags has been un-HTML-ified, and some of the <big><big><big><big><big><big> etc. ones.

Could we have a clarification of which HTML we are allowed to use in source mode?  I'm not complaining here, just don't want to keep setting off some alert somewhere saying "someone's trying to do XSS attacks with HTML comments".  I'd also hate to fail some verification thing because I don't close a <br> tag or something like that.

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<u> <strong> <span style="font-family: Courier New;"> <span style="font-size: xx-large;">BIG LOUD TEXT</span></span></strong></u><span style="font-family: Courier New;"> <span style="font-size: xx-large;"> <br /></span></span><br />I like it!<span style="font-family: Courier New;"> <span style="font-size: xx-large;"> <br /> <br /></span></span>

Just out of curiosity, what method did you use to achieve that?  The style pull-down, keyboard short cuts, or pasting from another source?

Hey, it *is* much faster.  Thank you, I'bles!

I'll PM it too you as I don't really want to blurt it out everywhere.


8 years ago

As of this morning, I can't add comments from my Mac, in Firefox or Safari.  Everything works fine from my PC at work.

Does that have anything to do with the new editor, or is it a problem with my Mac?

I sort of hate to ask this, given how slow the bloody thing is, but anyway....

Are there plans to deploy the new editor in the PM interface?  Since the change over, none of the old markup, and more importantly, the identification of URLs, works in PMs.

It's a bit sad to see all the people who are actually *angry* about a few bugs in the new editor. No good deed goes unpunished, I guess.

 Personally, I feel this is fine. I like the old one fine, but this one works. It doesn't quite feel "instructables" like the otherone did, but I don't really mind either way.

BTW, i use multiple browsers at a time, and it barely works in any of them.

The old one is WAY better, it didn't freeze and have problems so much, or at all. There hould at least be an option.

I don't love it....

I proffered the old editor, the one we have now looks like an old one from some email service

i liked the original look of the old editor!

you should just change the icons on the new one to resemble the older one!

Mmmmm.......Me no likey. Too much clickey clickey. Other editor was fastah and more simplerer. And I'm HATING the paste thing.

But then again it does has some cool featumatures.

I shall meditates....

Hi, Keith. The "paste thing" was actually fixed in the Thursday night update. Because it's part of the JavaScript, you need to clear your cache ("delete private data" in Firefox) in order to get the new version loaded. Otherwise you just continue to see the hated popup box.<br /><br />At first sight, it is too much switching between keyboard and mouse. I did discover that you can use Ctrl-B to "start bold" and "end bold", and Ctrl-I similarly for italics. I don't know whether there's a keyboard shortcut for adding a URL.<br /><br />Since this is now an installed third-party interface, you can go to the <a href="http://ckeditor.com/">CKEditor</a> Web site and read their documentation. It will actually apply here :-)<br />

<strong>I see</strong>. <em>I'm not sure what to think of it.. </em><a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_All-American_Rejects">en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_All-American_Rejects</a> <u>And the underline works too.</u><br /><br />How do I put a link IN text? Or is that no longer possible? *sigh* I thought I was done learning! <br /><br /><u><br /><br /></u> And Hi Kelsey!<br /><br />

As near as I can tell, the clicky-click interface is the only way to make text you enter into an active hyperlink:  type the text first, then highlight it with the mouse and hit the "link" icon.  When you paste the URL there, the highted text will become the link.

Interesting that the keyboard shortcuts for underline (and presumably the other markup) works for you.

Yes it does. And I do not like having to do all that for paste. But oh well, such is life.

You should only have to do "clear cache" this once.  It'll allow you to pick up all the bug fixes releases Thursday night, including both the Ctrl-V patch and the spell-checker fix.

Yeah,  control  L     opens the Link window

Cntl  U will initiate underline

Ctrl+b and Ctrl+i will toggle bold and italic respectively.

Unfortunately, Ctrl+s will not toggle strikethrough.

nope no ctrl s   (that opens the SAVE  box)

Mostly I like the new editor, it is ease to use like a Mac.
It is sad that the extra text formatting features are being taken away from us poor people who cannot afford to purchase such rights...
But my main gripe is that sometimes the text editor does this!


Oh!  Sorry for the misattribution, Boron.  Bad memory on my part. I'll edit my bug report accordingly.

It feels nice when PRO peeps stoop down to acknowledge us ankle-biters.

And THIS is exactly why I advocated against the symbol "PRO" from the day Eric deployed the "paid accounts" system.  I am 100% in favor of users supporting the site monetarily, in exchange for additional value-added features.  The term "PRO" carries a whole host of assumptions and baggage that are simply not valid, and I am very sorry that the non-paying community applies those assumptions to us.

Such as "You're a professional?"
"I want to make money off this, too!"

Exactly!  Neither of those apply.  The "PRO" label doesn't mean we work for I'bles, it doesn't mean we get anything whatsoever out of this.  We are just users, the same as you. 

The difference is that by putting money into the company (which they need to remain operating because advertising revenue is about 1/3 what it used to be!), our user accounts have some additional features that yours doesn't have.  That's it, nothing more.

If the stupid little icon said "PAID UP", or was just an image of Robot, or something, maybe that would be more clear.

When a person contributes to public television, their name is not broadcast before the beginning of each program, I paid to support instructables because I believe it is the best site on the whole web, and I get tremendous happiness reading all about cool ideas people contribute.  I don't need to have "pro" beside my name-maybe a little symbol that gets the point accross in some modest way that will encourage others to contribute financially if they can. I have mentioned before that I would very much like to purchase more badges so that I could send them to people as a way of acknowledging their excellent Instructables.

I totally agree. One of my greatest fears about pro all along has been that it would cause a deep divide of this sort. I hope we (as in, everyone, whether or not they coughed up the money to go pro) will all vigorously combat any "putting on of airs" or superciliousness related to PRO status.

In the latest version of Internet Explorer 8, when I paste with Ctrl V, a window pops up asking me if I wish to allow the website to access my clipboard. If I click "Allow access", It works fine, but if I click "Don't allow access", the same window comes up that used to (the "paste" window that you used to get before). It's probably a security setting that's only present in Internet Explorer, which I rarely use anyway, but I thought that you'd like to know.

That's an interesting (and probably useful) feature.  Thanks for documenting it!

I dislike it very much...
it was so much easier just right clicking

i hate the new editor and it is downright evil!!!!!! change it back please!!!!!


8 years ago

 When I post comments (just normal text and nothing special) half the time I can't post it because an error message pops up saying "Invalid Text Format" or along those lines

Could you create a bug report about this?  Rachel thought this was fixed in the Thursday night/Friday morning update.  It would be really helpful to let them know that it's still going on.  Thanks!

I left a comment on her OB for the time-being in case it's still being processed.

But there is one problem...<br /><strike>How am i making srikethrough text?.</strike> <br /><u>and how am i making underlined text?</u><br />I thought it was pro only...<br />Oh and embedding an image too O_O<br /><a href="../../../member/ewilhelm/"><img alt="" src="../../../files/deriv/FQW/9CZ7/F7DWNZIU/FQW9CZ7F7DWNZIU.TINY.jpg" /></a>(image with link)<br /><br /><br />

You have moved the formatting that could <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Instructables_Text_Formatting/ ">previously be done for free</a> to PRO only. An instructable created before PRO accounts with things like * for bullet points and == for headings is now impossible to edit without paying for an account upgrade. I guess I don't like it.<br />

(pretty major insecurity flaw if you ask me, wait till i figure out how to embed flash and javascript...)

I could have sworn that it worked earlier, but it seems not to work now (FF editor).   A word (example:   werd  ) gets the red underline, but does not allow me to get the normal right click menu to correct it (no suggestions).

The biggest complaint I have against this is the spell checker. 

It does NOT allow FireFox to spell check as you write, AND the included Sp checker leaves a LOT to be desired:   calls quite few words that are spelled correctly, incorrect, has almost NO suggestions for words it does find incorrectly spelled, and  it detects extra spaces in the text while spell checking and alerts you that &nsp; is misspelled....everyone of them.

I think we've found a fix for the FireFox spell checker.  Sorry we didn't catch that before release.

Cool!  Thanks for letting us know, Eric.  Will it be rolled out individually, or bundled into the next release?

My fingers are crossed that it will go in tonight's bug-fix release.