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How Does A 10 Year Old Make Money Fast? Answered


It depends on the laws in your area. You're probably too young to babysit, but you may be old enough to have a paper route. You could make some flyers to give to your neighbors that you'd like to earn money doing odd-jobs like raking leaves, cleaning snow (if you live in an area like that), washing cars, weeding a garden, walking a dog or see if people would be willing to donate their deposit bottles. (My son made money collecting bottles that people threw on the side of the road etc). If you're crafty/creative, check for upcoming craft fairs and see if you could share a table with someone and sell some things you've made like Christmas cards, ornaments, etc.

This has been asked and answered many times have a try at the search engine.

BUT if you are prepared to be patient then this may help you in the longer run.


Making any amount in a very short time isn't easy - In general you will be best off converting something your no longer using into cash.


5 years ago

Ask Santa Claus for a cash advance on work you'll do later.