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How I turned my Huffy BMX into a great stunt machine- and a question about decals Answered

An ongoing project- the lost Huffy.
chapter 1- Why people will think this is funny
chapter 2- How I got it
chapter 3- How I did it
chapter 4- a question
Chpt 1- Why people will think this is funny-
Huffy is known(alledged) to be a cheap crummy Wal-Mart bicycle. I have a limited budget. I turn cheap crummy Wal-Mart bicycles(alledged) into great stunt bicycles.

Chpt 2- How I got it-
I was riding my bike, a six speed automatic, to school, and saw something reflect as I went by the weeds. I stopped, because I go the route almost every day and never saw anything reflect, and what should it be, but the most destroyed Huffy Rock-It I have ever seen in my entire life. I went on to school, as I was runnimg late and don't have a cell phone(I don't want a tumor). At lunch, I came back. I went into the Snak-Shak, and called the sheriff using a pay phone. Well, I waited. And waited. Lunch ended, so I left a note with my contact info at the scene, and left. At three, I came back. It was still there, note and all. I went home. Waited. No phone call from police saying they found the owner, nothing. Seven o'clock. I hitched a ride with my neighbors, over to the scene, and I got the bike.

Chpt 3- How I did it-
The handlebars were bent back at the stem in a 90 degree angle. I took them off, easily, because they were so busted that all I had to do was jiggle them a little, and they came off. After several attempts at riding without a handlebar, I got one off another frame I have. They wouldn't work. So I got the handlebars off another project(that failed)- an older Next Wipe Out that had been run over, bent frame. I put them on, and they worked great, apart from some adjustment issues- the rusted bolt needs replaced. I aired up the tires, and sat down. Painfully. Old Huffy seat, narrow as heck. I left it on there for for a while. Then, I thought, and thought, and finally asked what I should name it. So, Phoenix, arisen from the ashes of destruction, was about to be made into a really good bike. I recently replaced the seat with a plush, comfortable seat from a brand new (yet busted, due to cheap manufacture) Mongoose Rebel, but for the sake of the budget, the Bell "Little Rider" seat is as good or better than the seat I used. I only used that seat because our Wal-Mart sold out. I rode around, and it worked out great with the parts I had so carefully picked out. Things still need to be replaced, like my front tire, shaped about like this- ), and the pedals, I'll use the Wal-Mart kind. Pegs, also from the Wal-Mart, but I personally don't want pegs, as people tend to jump on the back of my bikes as they are, with no pegs, and I don't do those kinds of stunts. It rides great, except some things need a bit of oil, and just yesterday I adjusted the chain incorrectly, and now I'm in lots of pain from it locking up and throwing me off. But I fixed that, and am thinking about stenciling her name onto the frame.
Chpt 4- A question-
How do you get the decals off the frame? I sat there with a hair drier for about an hour and got a quarter of one off, but that's to slow, and is very uncomfortable. I want to stencil her name onto her.



9 years ago

For sticker residue I found "contractor grade" De-solve-it works quite well. Spray it on and go do something else for ten minutes. Come back and it'll wipe right off. Works well on the tar specks that accumulate on the lower parts of cars too.

. I don't know of a fast way to get them off. :( . Keep at it with the hair dryer. . Kiteman's acetone may help, but don't use it and the hair dryer at the same time. The acetone may soften the paint if you leave it on too long.

I'm halfway done with the hair dryer. I still have gunk on the frame, though.

Ethanol or lighter fluid, one of those two should remove the gunk, just put some on a rag. Sometimes a careful hand and a craft knife can slice decals off easily, without removing paint but it you're stripping it anyway whose worried?

I hope you took photos as you went along - this should be an instructable! As for the stencils, try acetone (nail varnish remover).