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How Interchangeable are Laptop Screens? Answered

Can I replace an HP Mini 311 or 210 HD netbook screen with the HP Envy’s 15” 1920 x 1080 screen? I can order the netbook and the Envy’s screen with both the power inverter and the display cable from HP’s website. My ultimate goal is to make a super tablet like this one here:

It should work right, as long as the display cable is the same and I use the Envy's power inverter?


Usually, laptop screens are so integrated with the proprietary controller chip/circuitry/drivers engineered into the specific laptop itself makes it so difficult to reuse a laptop or lcd screen for any other purpose. It would also be as difficult to just plug in a new lcd screen, even if there are the same plugs and connections and expect it to work. You are also talking about different resolutions and adding in the touch interface which is probably not in the netbook. Unless you have specifics on that detailed level which is probably only available to the manufacturer, swapping out a lcd screen would not work.

Thanks for the reply. I don't think the touch interface should be too big of a problem; I found a touch screen manufacturer that provides Windows and Linux drivers. As for the circuitry, the HP mini has an HDMI out port and claims to support 1080p out, so do you think there's a way to use the HDMI port with some kind of adapter?

The thing is, if the replacement lcd screen is like a stand-alone unit and takes in a signal like RGB or maybe composite for TV - the signal to screen conversion is done with onboard self-contained electronics, then you have a chance of taking an external video output of the laptop into the new lcd screen. So you might be able to get the netbook to output HDMI to pump into a small LCD HD TV set. But that defeats the purpose of just lashing on a new and bigger screen. Your question seems to come up very often and no one has really succeeded in doing so. There are instructables of adding a smaller auxiliary lcd screen to a computer but those are made for that purpose and maybe expensive.