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How Much Does a Lister D weigh? Answered

We found A Lister D in an old barn and the owner said we could have it. I don't Know any details about it because its rusted and pitted and the pictures don't anything useful because its directly underneath a hay lift. We need a rough guess of the weight because its going to be lifted between 2 people into a small car


Thanks, that's a lot of help. Would you happen to know if there are any parts that might come off easily on one in good condition (I don't think anything will come off easily on this one) that might make it easier to carry.

Sorry you have reached the sum total of my knowledge. However experiance tells that it will dismantle although you will be fighting rust.

The fly wheel is the most obvious heavy part

I was thinking the flywheel would make most sense.

A friend and I restored one of those wayyyy back when I was in my late teens.  It wasn't in as bad shape as that one though, although it did need a good de-rusting inside and out and new gaskets (made from cornflake packet cardboard).  A couple of coats of paint and it looked and ran as good as new.

A couple of years after that I was staying with a friend in Cyprus and in a small shed on their farm there was one of those chug-chugging away pumping water, and then spotted another one when admiring an immaculately restored canal narrowboat and getting a guided tour from the owner.  They crop up everywhere and were a true general purpose workhorse.

Getting back to the question, as I recall it was a two-man stagger and drop weight, with an extra pair of hands to get it up onto a trailer.


4 years ago

I would take 3 people, a small pickup and a winch. Its always heavier than you think. Does it have a generator on top? Adds even more weight.

Going to need some better details about the model and physical size.

I might guess that if it of the size you "think" two people can lift and put in a car then you looking at something weighing 150 - 200 pounds.