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How Much Soda does everyone usually drink? Answered

How much soda do you usually drink? measured in 12oz (300mL) cans or 16oz energy drink cans. Also, what do you usually drink if you ever go out to eat? Man, i miss my bird rocky


Nothing and water.

None, with the rare exception of Kosher Coke at passover, that stuff rocks, and I'm not even jewish. Sweet Tea at restaurants.

Regular coke is made with that disgusting, cloying slime High Fructose Corn Syrup. Kosher coke is made with sugar.

actually mexican coke is not as sugarated (lol, that word exist?) as the american , and believe tastes much better

I've looked for the mexican coke around here, only ever find the nicaraguan and it's made with HFCS.

you guys know you can taste the coke around the world in Epcot. That's pretty cool

Yeah. I remember they had Orange Coke from China, and Melon Coke from Italy. The rest slip my mind... Last time I was there was around 9 years ago, so it could have changed since then.

Usually I don't drink soda every day. Some days I'll have like 3 and others I won't have any. But not one after another because if I do that the caffeine gets to me... I drink Vault every once in a while when I need to stay up late but that sometimes turns out bad when I drink a lot of it...

When I was much younger, the drink of choice for the "active (hyper active?) teen was Mountain Dew. Later, JOLT became the COLA of choice LOL

I don't drink it out of cans but I drink the equivalent of 16 cans per day of diet Coke. When I go out to eat I usually drink water with a lemon slice. Back when I was in my 20s, my doctor told me I needed to drink more fluids. This might be a little more than he envisioned, but it works for me. If I don't get that volume in soda I'll drink chocolate milk or orange juice to make up the difference.

Yikes.....16 cans per day of diet Coke....sounds like your addicted!

I know someone who drinks 20 or so 16 oz bottles of diet coke a day He used to drink more than that but his doctor ordered him to cut down on the pop.

Hope he followed his doctors advice!

yea he is a cop so I guess thats how he deals with the stress.

I have a 100-ounce mug that I fill twice a day...unless I eat out and have a lot of water to drink. About 1/3 of the mug is filled with ice. When caffeine-free is available I'll drink that. The worst thing is to go back and forth between caffeine and decaf. I get headaches if I go cold turkey off of caffeine and get very talkative and my ears ring when I go onto caffeine. Thus I try not to switch it around. On the plus side, I have developed powerful wrist muscles that enable me to hoist it around for hours.

well tonight when we went out to eat i had 1/2 a Dr. Pepper and 2 glasses of water with lime, maybe i was just really parched.


9 years ago

Essentially none, I drink quite a lot of juice, an unhealthy amount of tea (probably 1 to 1.5 litres on an average working day), and the odd alcofrolic beverage in a responsible manner. I hate Coke because it makes my teeth feel sticky (and Diet/Zero is too rank to contemplate drinking).

Home made juices are fine, store bought is horribly high in sugars....and they find insidious ways to sneak it in too.

I drink an energy drink about once every two days or so... soda? Not much. I don't drink anything much though. Right now, I have a can of Monster next to me (And it's 9:00 PM!!!) lol.

last night about 9 i had a 24oz can of full throttle blue demon.

5:30am actually, but good guess, lol i was at this guy roberts hanging out with him and my brother.

cool! What does full throttle taste like? I like lots of energy drinks though. Amp Monster Vitamin Energy Red Bull, etc.

kinda tastes like blue apple juice if you know what i mean, kinda hard to explain but other than that i drink Wired energy drinks, every once in a while i'll drink a rockstar latte which is pretty good too.

I like rockstar. Don't you think rockstar taste like a combination of cherry,cola,and bubblegum?

eh, i dont like it that much, my dad likes the same energy drinks as me so i dont need to worry.

Well... I'm currently drinking the soda company that makes amp.... I'm drinking Mountain Dew :D

and Mountain Dew is made by Pepsi and Pepsi is by Pepsico Its fun to learn! .... not really

and Frito lay and Tropicana do they own the rights to Gatorade?

I dunno, I'm drinking gatorade right now so let me check the bottle... I don't think so. I rhink gatorade is it's own company,

OMB I love those things they're warm filling and thirst quenching

that reminds me of the "my little pony glue factory" like the toy.

im drinking tropical punch koolaid earlier i was drinking code red mountain dew.

OMG do they still make the kool aid with the rocket ship like bottle and they have that weird little cap on the end you have to break off