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How Often do you use heat shrink? Answered

Just curious, I find that I use a lot of heat shrink when wiring. Its just so handy, I used to get through a lot of electric tape but heat shrink it easy & simple.



10 years ago

Pretty often, it's great stuff.

If you can find a decent parts supplier, it's sooo much less expensive than RadShak. Like $1.50 for 3 feet....

Or in my case, $0.00 for as much as I want (at least until my dad's boss finds out).

well...i havent wired in a looooong time...or since my case of electronics god thrown out by a parent :'( ive used heat shrink i think once for when i was fixing a battery for my car

anytime i have loose wires i use heat shrink....hell sometimes i use it to attatch the leads off a LED or something to the lead off a transistor or resistor...good alternative to soldering actually

If energy transfer is critical, soldering would still be the best way to go :-)

i usually rap the leads with a bit of stripped copper wire just to make sure theres a conection. i know soldering is better but when your out of solder or cant find ur soldering gun or ur just to plain lazy or on the go my way works lol..

Oh I know, I have taken "stand wire" and "braided" two of them together for a contact already. Works as long as there is no vibrations to shake it loose (not good for automobile circuits, I found out the hard way).

lol, what do you use to melt heatshrink?a lighter? (clearly, i dont use it lol)

i use it wehenever making a visable project, otherwise I use electrical tape so that if I made a mistake I can just unwrap it.

I just used a heat shrink for the first time the other day. Worked pretty well. Looks like I will be using them more often in some upcoming projects I might make.

A lot, Even other than wiring, I shrink a piece around the collet of my dremel in case I slip and it contacts a work piece, prevents scratches.

Personally, I don't... I know I should... but I either tape, hot-glue, a combination of both, or just hope for the best ;P