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How Stupid Can People Get? Answered

HOW STUPID CAN PEOPLE GET!!!!???? I have always wondered how stupid people can get, but i have never managed to work it out. because someone just says something stupider or does something that makes you wonder why they are still alive it been bothering me for ages, please help me can someone give it to me in numbers somehow?


You need to clarify the question.

If you mean making choices that ultimately prove to be objectively incorrect, the chance could reach 100%. The question becomes much more difficult to answer (perhaps even unanswerable) if "incorrect choice" means that which was the subjectively not the best decision at the time, given the available information.

A good baseline for comparisons of stupidity would be 100% minus the reciprocal of the number of choices. That is, if one chooses between four options and makes the incorrect choice 75% of the time, this is equivalent to guessing and likely indicates ignorance rather than stupidity. However, any level of incorrectness above this percentage cannot be attributed solely to ignorance. Stupidity then becomes a reasonable hypothesis.

In any case, I would urge you to look at the specific situation. Mental shortcuts that prove undesirable in some situations can be essential decision-making tools in situations where the person simply does not have sufficient information or mental capacity to perform Bayesian statistical analyses.

People are stupid by choice because they rather do other aspects in their life rather than taking the time to learn new things such as a Country name Georgia or furthering their education to a level of a PhD in Organic Chemistry and Molecular Biology. In addition a lot of people especially the younger generations do not think before they speak and later on down the line it comes back to hurt them.

Though I know you selected a best answer, the answer is always a simple expression.

Where N = the number relative to the stupidity of the person, the answer is always N+1

Here's a number:
ITS OVER 9000!!111one1

Just look at 4chan... Wait, don't look at 4chan. Send in a survey team of about 20 people. Expect less than half to return...

Did I mention I'm not part of 4chan? I'm not even whats known as a "lurker." Never been to the board. I've only heard of it. But yeah, you're probably right... Rules 1 & 2 do apply anyways...

depends on what you declare stupid plus you have to think the person that you think is stupid might think your stupid in their eyes

I'm defining stupid in this context as incorrect. i don't have to really explain this, if the action that is being taken place is incorrectly done in which leaving something half complete, not completed, not done to the way it should be and because of those actions being taken place its leaving something damaged, someone hurt, someone dead.... you should get the picture :/

then your eyes people could get really stupid

1.233457 e4


. ROFL Great one. That gets my vote for Best Answer.

I know just what you mean, I have been dealing with them for so many years that IT no longer surprizeses me any more. My very recent ex wife just joined that club, so I'm with ya man....but I do think that " NobodyInParticular " said it best. Very kool man

thanks for the help man, i couldn't choose between "NobodyInParticular" and Rockerx with his answer of infinity (∞)