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How To Ballast An MOT Answered

I'm wondering how to ballast an MOT... I only have 2 and I want to use one as the ballast .. how would I wire it so the other one will work As a ballast.. please no schematics I'm not good with schematics but I am with the basics .. just visually instruct me on how to please .... or with as much detail if you explain in text .. btw one is bigger and the other one is smaller..



1 year ago

Not possible... Someone recently asked this question (perhaps you) do look into a ballasting resonance thread...

Ballasting and resonance are diametrically opposed... Reduce the main voltage source...

Well, in the MOT case this is only partially true...
I had a setup that I used a few times until it scred the shit out of me and I took it apart.
You need to salvage 5 identical microwaves - at least for the MOT/capacitor part.
4 caps in a series/parallel configuration on the output side.
2 Mots antiparallel to double the output voltage - not all are suited for this by the way.
1 or two mots (with a beefy switch) as the current limiter with a suitable load on the primary (can be adjustable).
Leaves you with one capacitor to spare that you might need sooner than you think...
Output is insane enough so that everyone without proper HV knowledge and experience should not dare to try.
I know the stuff and sometimes we worked on live 1000V installations but resonant mots are too much even for my liking....

Always learning and would like to see a ckt sketch. If you are nervous to release dangerous diagrams, feel free to send to my link.