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How To Download SD card from camera to LG 8.3 LTE Tablet? Answered

I have a digital camera with an SD card and can't get the pictures to download onto the tablet.

When I connect the camera, it takes the table to the photo gallery but no option to download.

I also tried the file manager and can't navigate to get the software to give me the option to download the pictures from the camera.  THe SD card is full size and doesn't have the option of removing the smaller card and inserting directly into the tablet.



You should be able to navigate to the camera as if it's a thumb drive or SD card

Thank you for your comment. I'm using a female USB from the camera cord and the other end is a mini connector into the tablet.
This is what I've done so far with no result:
File Manager app
Click on All Files
Internal Storage
New Folder
Shows "No Files"
Turn on Camera to download and it brings up the picture Gallery with no items to install.

I've tried with the camera on and off through the above process.

So far no option to download.

Yep that sort of connection isn't going to work. You'll need an actual computer to transfer the files from the camera to a micro SD so you can put them on the tablet.

Most tablets just aren't designed to have all the functions of a PC. They certainly are not meant to be a mass storage device for your camera.

Thanks for your help. I was just trying for a convenient transfer. Going on a cruise next month and thought that the tablet should be a lighter travel option.