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How To Inflate Plastic Bottles- into balloons- With Heat and Air Pressure? Answered

1).  I would like to use PET drinking water bottles  and polyethylene plastic bottles ( taco Sauce, mustard, plastic juice bottles)- for insulation in an  attic? Choice 1). using a heat source like a heat gun and my air compressor can I inflate old PET plastic water bottles - into balloons to act as insulation spheres ?   Each week  I would spend time turning the plastic bottles into thin-walled spheres that would fill up the attic with light-weight spheres- maybe the size of a soccer ball?  .

2). If Not  choice 1). lets learn how to process plastic bags and packaging into a shredded stringy material to do the attic insulation job. The source of bottles is endless and I hate recycling these to the city and then purchasing expensive fiberglass batt insulation at $40 per roll.  Any DIY wizards try this stuff?  I could literally mega-insulate the attic. If treating the material with Sodium tetra-borate  borax -to get a fire resistance that is doable too. They make clothes, blankets, molded items and padding routinely from old bottles: Why can't I? I would build a shredder or modify a branch shredder machine to do this and make it my recycling hobby over the long term.


Your bottle idea isn't likely to be efficient - Insulation requires trapped air - ideally in many small pockets. Your bottles will have large spaces between them which will allow the sir to move around spoiling the insulating properties.

You may as well just put a floor in the roof space.

Loft insulation is either in a blanket form or polystyrene beads. this trapping small amounts of air.

Remember that the un-insulated space needs good ventilation or you will get condensation forming.

+1 for building a floor

If you build a floor in you attic then you will only have to insulate the space between the attic floor and the ceiling of your top floor.

As a bounus you can also use the space for storage !

You can not inflate bottles this way - you need a suitable form to limit expansion in multiple stages.
To even start you would need to get the entire bottle evenly heated, which is next to impossible on a how level.
Building codes need to be addressed to - you can only use for insulation what is legal in your area and I doubt bottles will provide proper insulation.....

There is always the option of using the real insulating stuff as batts, foam, fluufy "blow in the cavity stuff" as well as polystyrene sheets...
IMHO easier, faster and with only a fraction of space wasted, plus you get proper insulation...

You're missing the easiest, most efficient and least messy option: just stack the bottles in your attic.

Insulation works by cutting down convection; air trapped in small "cells" cannot move and carry heat. The smaller the cells, the less it can move. So, inflating the bottles may sound cool, but it will make them less efficient at insulation. Bottle-shaped bottles are also easier to stack than spheres.