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How To Set Up a Webserver Answered

I need a website but you know what? I think all these webhosting services are just a big ripoff. I don't want to pay to host a website, I want to do it from home! I know it can be done, Red VS. BLue is one example of people who did this. I did some research, but nothing I found was very useful. I don't want a fileserver, I want an actual web server. I have searched deep into the web, but I can find nothing except theory or how to buy service. If you know anything about making or setting up a web server, please post it here. Thanks,


. I'm with Zach. If you think you will get much traffic, get a decent host (I use Webstrike Solutions. For a "hobby" server, LAMP/WAMP/XAMPP/&c. will do the trick.
. I prefer to leave security, maintenance, &c to the big boys with the big toys.

Not even much traffic, but required traffic. The webserver might not crash because its being overloaded with requests, but because of small uses like internet connection. If you got one hit per hour, but each hit was important, I would go for a host.

P.S: noted rambling

I, for one, run a LAMPP stack, (LAMP + Python). I haven't used PHP in... well just under a year, but its there. I don't use it for anything critical, more of just a directory of global crap. I've set it up in a way that shoves most of my, well, random pieces of crap that I write/make, into a directory viewable by all the intarwebs. It allows me to retrieve any bit of crap that I want, anywhere, if my computer is on.
I'm emphisising crap here, this crap is pretty much useless to the rest of the world. Some of it, is code that I don't mind sharing, but I'm not going to push onto the world.
I'm rambling...

A file server is basically a form of a webserver. If your website is just HTML, then that would be all you need. You can accomplish this with Apache.

However, if you want to use PHP, then you start needing more and more programs. (PHP in and of itself is only 1 more, but MySQL is another, and it keeps building)
I'd recommend XAMPP (X - Apache - MySQL - PHP - Perl, all in one, a spinoff of LAMP)

If you do this however, you need to leave the server on 24/7, and you will have reliability issues. If you're good/lucky, you'll have 80~90% uptime, which isn't really that good. Not to mention, some connections, such as ADSL, are not suited for uploading, and it will be incredibly slow.

Oh, and sure, maybe RvB do do their own hosting, but I'm willing to bet that they have some pretty powerful server(s) and a special internet connection, just based off the traffic they get.

(Unless they stored all their multimedia on something like Amazon's S3, but then that's not really self-hosted)