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How To Prevent Brakes From Being Stolen? Answered

I just had both set of brakes stolen off my mountain bike. Cost me about $80 to have them replaced. Is there any way I can lock the brakes to the bike so they can't be stolen again?


Buy a 9mm semi auto and kneecap the thieves.
That way you'd do us all a favor.

You can use a regular nut and bolt and then tac weld them together. To remove, just use an angle grinder to grind the weld out, then unscrew it like normal. You could also try solder. Just don't heat the frame or the disc itself. Then they'll steal the whole bike, so don't lock it to anything that isn't anchored to the ground. You'd be surprised how many bike racks aren't even anchored in. Also, lock it up in high traffic areas so that they can't steal it without being seen.

lemonie has a good suggestion but if you do that not only are the thieves unable to remove the brakes so are you. I like GuardianFox's idea the best. You should secure your brakes by using one way or security screws http://www.naturalhandyman.com/iip/inffastener/infoneway.html . But like GuardianFox said they could just cut right through those using a hack saw so instead of buying the standard ones buy carbide security screws http://www.yillik.com/carbide-bushings.html. It'll be expensive but hack saws aren't as hard as carbide (unless it is also specialty ordered, but what are the chances?) and the security screw design only allows you to screw the screw in and not screw it out unless you have a certain tool. You can buy this tool so you can easily screw your brakes on your bike in and out. The tool is not common and it is not exactly cheap (~$25). So if you buy all that I think you're set- they can't cut through it, they can't unscrew it, and only you can unscrew it.

There are security fasteners available for some types of brakes. You may be able to replace the nuts and bolts with something that requires a special wrench/driver. Check your bike shop. Still, bike thieves might carry an assortment of handy tools. A hacksaw is going to solve their "I can't get it off" problem pretty quick. You should consider new parking strategies or camouflaging/uglifying your bike. Here's what I do: I bought a bracket from the bike shop that holds a rim, and I mounted that on the side of my frame. When I go to work, I pop off the front wheel and stick it in the bracket. Then I turn the handlebars 90 degrees and push the seat down on top of it (wedging the handlebars in place). My handlebars are wide, yours probably aren't that wide... but you can come up with something. Now, I've got a one-wheeled contraption that fits in a space as narrow as the pedals. I roll it into the cubical and park it against the wall.

Only the brakes?
You could grind the nuts that hold them on smooth, but if the right wrench is used that wouldn't work. Maybe drill holes through the nut & bolt, and fill with a pin which you grind flush, and grind the nuts smooth? Would make it harder and they'd have less value for resale.