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How To Repartition Hard Drive? Answered


Well, the story is I dual boot Ubuntu 10.10 and Windows XP. The XP partition has 5 GBs free and the Ubuntu partition has around 2 GBs. So I want to transfer about 2 from the XP partition to the Ubuntu partition because Ubuntu is my primary OS. I have looked into this, but the directions have not been too clear. Could anyone help me out here? I would like to use some linux based partition editor to do this, but I really don't know how and don't want to try anything for fear of destroying my data. 

P.S. Partition Magic has been discontinued and is no longer available.




Best Answer 7 years ago

You can use Ubuntu's partition editor which is included on the installation disk or use GParted which you can download through Synaptic Package manager.

Colmplete instructions for the noob can be found HERE.

You're welcome.
Its been my experience that the Ubuntu website is extremely helpful with information geared towards new users. Whenever I encounter a problem (rare) I turn to their site first.