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How To get More Viewers & Teach online? Answered

How do I get more viewers on Instructables.  And how could I teach upcycling on instructables?


Invest in a reasonably decent stills camera, and create step-by-step instructables, rather than just videos.

Consider social media like Twitter & Facebook - create an opening image that teases the audience enough to open and share a link (I have noticed that images like these get shared a lot more than "ordinary" images).



I share most of my I'bles on Twitter. The only views that I get from twitter are if Instructables tweets them.

I've gotten thousands of views so far from Pinterest. If I had to choose one, I would choose Pinterest - BY FAR!

To make your instructables get more views, I suggest adding an interesting title and cover photo. To make your instructables get more likes, add step by step instructions with or without a video. Another way to get more likes, try to take nice pictures and lots of pictures. Hope I helped. :)

Make better thumbnails, and more enticing titles.

Publish more Instructables!