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How Would i go about making a hanglider if cost wasnt a factor?? Answered

i want to build a legit hanglider not one of those really sketchy home made ones i realize this is horribly dangerous but its something i have to do.



6 years ago

Perhaps it is a good idea to first learn to fly a hang glider at a hang gliding school, before you start building one. You will learn about the aerodynamics and safety-features of the hang glider. And you will learn how to start, land and fly the glider. All this knowledge will surely make your home-build glider better, safer and more fun to fly!

Since cost isn't a factor, go to collage and get an Aerospace degree with a minor in Structural Engineering : )

Pay someone with the right degrees to design a hang-glider for you, then pay someone with the skills you don't have to make it.

Test, experiment, re-test until you have a design that isn't 'sketchy'.

I agree buy one and be safe, An expensive Hanglider is most likely to be constructed from Carbon fibre tubing and some exotic covering material to save weight. Other than that there isn't a lot of room for improvement.

Google how to build a hang glider, then build it. Or buy a kit.

If cost wasn't a factor, buy one. Without an engineering degree you'll have no way of knowing if it will support your weight in adverse flying conditions -- go with tried and tested when it comes to your safety.