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How and what to make a shaving bowl out of? Answered

I want to make my boyfriend a shaving bowl for Xmas. I am handy with just about any medium and am not sure which I should use. Clay or Ceramic would be nice but I know nothing of either of them. It obviously has to be able to hold shaving cream...was wanting to make it in the shape of our cat (he's a big cat) so i guess the bowl part would be his body. So a bowl with a head, legs, and a tail. Anyone got any suggestions?


The bowl isn't particularly useful without the appropriate soap and a shaving brush, so unless he's already shaving this way you'd better plan to include those in the gift.

Remember that the bowl has to be able to sit on/near the sink comfortably, and is competing for space with other things; that  may constrain practical sizes and shapes.

(Has he expressed an interest? If he prefers canned shaving cream -- or just a  hand-lathered layer of bar soap, which I've often gone with -- there's very little use for a bowl. Ditto if he prefers an electric shaver.)

He just got himself an old-time-y razor and has been looking for the perfect shave cream... well, i bought him some and the nice brush... i wanted to make the bowl though. he loves our cat sinatra a whole lot and i thought he'd get a kick out of it if i made the bowl look like him. the cat is pretty round in real life so making him a bowl shouldn't be too hard. I guess I thought about it and I've made ceramic doo-dads in high school (like 10 years ago) and i don't remember the teacher firing them...but she may have, only it was probably after hours... i need something that can possibly be baked in an regular oven? or dried naturally?

any ideas other than wood...i definitely can't widdle or carve.

Some of the modern (plastic-based?) modelling compounds can be cured in an oven. I'd suggest going into a craft store and asking for advice.


8 years ago

I have always been partial to wood myself. Some years ago I saw shaving caddy made of a walnut bur in an antique store, but it was way beyond my price range.
The exterior of the burl was left basically untouched except for a high gloss finish, spaces carved out to hold a shaving mug, shaving brush, razor and odds and ends. Three round cabinet pull knobs were attached to the bottom for legs.
One of these days I am going to make one for myself.

How about a container to put his keys, wallet, watch etc. in at night.  I use something like that so I don't loose keys, wallet, watch etc. when I take them out of my pocket.

The cat idea with a recess in his back would be great for that and it wouldn't have to be waterproof.  Just put something soft like felt on the bottom so it won't scratch the dresser.