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How are you preparing for z-day? Answered

I was wondering if anyone on here is laying plans for the zombie apocalypse? or for that matter, is anyone preparing for major emergencies of any kind?


i would call my buddy ryan we each have 9mm and i have a hunting rifle 12 gauge and a m16 i,ve got a whole lot of ammunition i would probly build a fence around a farm ind live on corn potatos and water i know a lot of people with guns too

well i know where every weapon in my house is, and what can be used as a weapon, and living in the UK, i have the advantage that there are a fair few castles about to occupy, id probably go for one in Wales, hijack a boat to get there, because there BIG and medieval, so no big holes for cannons for zombies to climb through, one or two of these castle also have access to waterways, so escapes can be made by boat, as well as supply runs.

I plan to be the first ones to become a zombie. That way i don't have to worry about surviving it.

dudes (tehxdownfall & jtmax24), either you don't appreciate life enough, you don't enjoy being alive, or you two have seriously malicious, depraved, and depressed minds.


9 years ago

I've been practicing killing on my Wii (Resident Evil IV) does that count? :)

probably not, because you will need to have a bit of strength behind your knife, instead of just waving it at the zombie, and expecting it to suddenly have open bleeding slashes.

Do the pacifist things and live in harmony!

generally zombies burn well so a flamethrower is a must

Wrong, read the Zombie Survival Guide, by Max /brooks, they are hard to find and rarely actually kill the zombie.

makin swords like crazy over here.

Not really, I do understand that some people are preparing for world world war Z but I am not preparing for it. I am talking and discussing about that stuff because its fun, but I am not building barricades and buying guns and stuff.


9 years ago

Just read World War Z. Am practicing my head-shots while out hunting this weekend.

I just went to my local gunshow, and now have 900 rounds of .22 LR ammo, and a 50 shell box of 20 gauge shotshells. I am also practicing with my A-Zoom snapcaps.

.22 is not particularly effective, unfortunately, but good as a backup weapon, in a handgun. you need to be at just the right range so that the bullet ricochets inside the skull, tricky stuff, I would think.

You would be suprised how easy it is. Really, at 25-40 yards, as long as you hit eyes/mouth/nose/other hole in head, their pretty much dropped. I know what it said in the ZSG, but really, if you close enough, easy stuff. -RoAr

lol, this is a great question. I've got lots of equipment, but no weapons, so I'd probably end up as an awesome looking zombie... yeah! SWAT tactical vest for my airsoft gun, camo, I'm ready to go!

I've got some body armor and helmet lying around so when I become a zombie I'll be a real difficult to take down.

Im saving money for a Walther P22, possibly buy a silencer, (They are illegal to use in my state, I belive not to own one.) I will be stock piling ammo for a 20 gauge scattergun, .357 rounds, .38 special rounds, .22 rifle rounds, plan on buying a cheap .223 rifle for picking them off. Also buying sights and scopes for a 20 gauge shotgun, a .22 long rifle, and a .357 magnum.

Whenever my brother or parents drive me around places, I look for friends houses, some who have guns, Ideas to signal that im human, geographically and easily defendable homes and areas. I look for random scrap wood and metal, and I try to find out who will be able to take the stress. I try to meet people in my area.

Still in the process of stock piling water, and getting those canned peaches I love so much. Im saving wood pieces, trying to find heavy sheet metal, just as gadget-evilusions said.

I have actually begun to devise gadgets, weapons, landmines, makeshift munitions, ammunition, and other anti-zombie things. Plans on quick-welding lawnmowers to the front of a car, 2x4 plus nai equals effective weapons, chemical warfare angainst the Brooks zombie, and others.

One of my main projects is printing and laminating topographical maps from google maps and applying section numbers to them. I have told my friends when the day comes, Ill be knocking on your door to save your butt. Im planning escaoe routes, and am in the process of building a two person raft.

Pyrotechnics for signaling and otherwise are in effect.

Everyone, get ready for Z-Day, and please, tip the chef! (Beacause, you know, chefs have big knives...)

Got my Dual Deagles in my back pocket and 12 Gage Shotty on a sling. I also have 5" inch steel bowl on my head

Lots of bullets. Stock piling lots of canned goods and jugs of water. I also have plans in the works to replace outer layer of wood on my house with 1/2" thick steel plates.