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How best to repair a plastic battery or CF cover door? Answered

I've got a common problem: a plastic cover on a device that has had one its tiny hinge pins sheared off.  I'm wondering what approaches to this problem people have used successfully?

I'm considering the following:

a) superglueing on bit of metal snipped from the end of a paperclip, or from a straight pin, or
b) simply trying to build up a pin with JB Weld or other hardening material.

Thoughts?  Comments?  Anecdotes?




Best Answer 8 years ago

Use a metal pin but secure it in place with the JB Weld.

Seconding Burf and Lemonie. A metal pin will be easier, quicker, and much less prone to failure than trying to bodge one together with epoxy,

Building with epoxy could be hard. Using Burf's suggestion sounds good to me. I'll just add that heating the metal-pin and pushing it into the plastic may be helpful, followed by an epoxy cover.