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How big HHO Cell would be needed for a 12 hp gas engine? Answered

I would  to  run  my  power generator  off a  hho  fueld  cell  . Can any one  tell me   how  big  of  one   woudl be needed  for  a 12 hp  gas  engine?




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Energy input = energy output (plus efficiency loss)


so 12HP worth of energy (flowrate) is 12HP worth of energy (flowrate) no matter what form.

As many others point out, 12HP is about 70kW.

Electricity where I am is about 12c/kWh

thats 70kWh/hour *12 cents per kWh.
$8.40/hour to run, assuming 100% efficiency.

Internal combustion engines are around 25% efficient, so...
that's about 33.60/hour to run...assuming your electrolysis is 100%, which it isn't, it gets hot...

There is a reason (albeit bad) that we haven't switched to all electric yet; hydrocarbons are EXTREMELY energy dense for what they are. Replacing them is going to be a challenge.

Thanks that helps . I was just curious i have a generator at my house that has a 12 hp brigs and was curious just how big a dry cell it would take to keep it running . Thanks again

You want to use electricity to generate hydrogen and oxygen ( there is no such thing as "HHO"), then use those gases to run a fuel cell to generate electricity?

Compared to your original input electricity, how much electricity are you planning to get out of this? (A rough percentage will do.)

Check out YouTube, a Dodge ram 1500 using only hho cell, it's a lot more of an expensive setup, but you will get the point, video is "truck runs on 100% water not on gasoline" check it out!

Even before the sound started, I looked at that and thought - If it runs on water, why has it got extra batteries under the hood?

It's amazing what people will fall for...

How much fuel will it use per cycle?

How fast will it run RPM?

How much H can you make per hour

Do this and you have your answer.

Why? Or what is your perceived-advantage?
-A fuel-cell is a power-generator so "run  my  power generator  off a  hho  fueld  cell" makes no sense.


You need to use around 70kW to make enough to feed a 12 hp engine I reckon