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How big should a water bottle rocket's parachute be? Answered

I'm using a 2-liter bottle. Some of the sites I see tell you to make it really big, 3 feet, while say that you should make it about 1 foot in diameter, so it doesn't float too far away.


Here is a link to a site: http://www.water-rockets.com/article.pl?124,0
It tells you how to make a parachute of appropriate size for a bottle rocket.
(The parachute is made out of plastic bag)

The best answer is "it depends". If you need a soft landing. go large. If you need it to land closer, go small. In my experience, though, if you are just using a bottle, with no payload, they don't usually need any sort of parachute to survive landing.

Alright then. I do need a parachute, as the requirements for what I am doing say so. I'll make a 0.5 meter parachute, which is about 20 inches.

Lightweight material is a MUST, but you really dont need a parachute, it will just add weight.

but it will also increase time in the air

It will decrease altitude, increase dropping it down

How far away does the rocket travel if you use a 3-foot parachute in 5 mph wind? I read on another website that it goes 700+ feet away, but they're assuming that it moves sideways at the same speed as the wind.

It depends how high it goes, because it will have more time to drift sideways as it falls. An empty plastic bottle, with a parachute, will easily travel at or near the speed of the wind.

what is the highest over 50 feet it might be useful more of just cool to watch than practical