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How can I Make this cable stay safeley in place?(PIC INCLUDED) Answered

Aperently,Some Clever Employee/Engineer/Boss Thought "Hey,Why dont we Make thease batteries with cables just sticking out of the front!,No Connector,So that its uterly Useless!".
Now,I ended up with 2 of thease Batteries,Lead acid,that don't have connectors,Instead,They just have Cables sticking out of where you would expect the connector to be at.
You know,A picture is worth a million words,Said someone.
If you don't get what i mean,Just look at the pictures,What i need to do,Is somehow Secure the Cables with some Tab Or something,To make it like a regular SLA...
Edit:Darn,I is telling me a ERROR 400: no files! Error when i Try to upload Them.
I Uploaded them in Imageshack
PIC1 - http://img224.imageshack.us/img224/8903/frontboth.png
I have more Pictures,I will upload then in a few minutes


No,I want the Opposite connector end as that,The other one,THe one that is usually fixed to a small SLA

So someone chopped the connectors off? You either get some connectors and crimp them on like the spades Nacho is referring to, or you solder some connectors on. It does depend upon what you want to use these for, but I'd go with crimping spades on these.


No,There where never any connectors on this,Only cable. Crimping Connectors Sounds good but it has a Big probability of a short,And that's not good,Because the Wires are all lose and all,That is why i need another Idea.

If you know how to crimp, and use a proper crimping tool, then shorts are definitely not a problem. If you use spade connectors without any insulation, then you've made a choice to have exposed conductor, but you don't have to make that choice. Consider the manufacture of hundreds of thousands of automobiles, and millions of large home appliances, each with dozens of crimped on spade connectors. How many shorts to ground occur in such equipment?

Uh...Did you look at the picture? The battery has cables sticking out,If i put that on it it is likeley to short out since the cables have electricity directly from the battery. Its just hard to explain.

You can get insulated spade connectors.


Ah,Now that is a better idea

It's a thick-ish plastic (possibly-shrink-wrapped) and usually in red or blue. The whole spade is covered, and you crimp the metal inner through the insulation. Possibly available in a bag of pairs from an auto-parts store or online from the usual sources. L

Ok,Well thanks anyways,I got this figured out now.

. The color indicates the size wire the crimp is designed for. IIRC, red is the smallest, blue is a little bigger, and yellow is larger still. (I may have swapped blue and red).

No it is not. The electricity is the same everywhere. The fact that it's closer to the plastic box is utterly irrelevant. You strip 1/4" off the ends of those two wires, you crimp on properly designed and built spade connectors with insulation at the crimp site and insulation surrounding the spade. If you don't like that solution, then you go buy a two-pin Molex connector, and you crimp Molex pins onto each of the wire stubs and insert them into one half of the connector.

Ah,I wasn't sure that i could get insulated Ones,and what is a "two-pin Molex connector"?

Oh,the Molex connector,i have never heard of that before.
Like this?

Yes, exactly! Molex is the manufacturer (or at least the patent holder :-). We use them in my lab all the time because the pins are fully recessed, and the two connector halves are positive locking.

Like this one!
Your a genius!
This is the Best idea EVER,Man thanks allot(I,Apparently,Have some of these lying around,I bet i could use them!)

Why do all of my questions have to Be a long chain of replies?

:-) Because you don't ask the right question in the first place, and it takes time and discussion to get from where you start to where you end.

. That is definitely a contributing factor, but I can chalk that up to ignorance.
. I think a bigger issue is that he doesn't listen to the answers he gets. If just you (I don't expect a Physicist to be an Electrician) or I (the resident Grumpy Old Man) were telling him about the connectors, I could understand his doubt. But when five ppl tell him the same thing, he still won't listen.
. Refusal to use search engines only exacerbates the problem.

Exactly! You've hit the nail right on the head. If you have those already with wires attached, then what you want to do is do a wire-to-wire crimp or solder for each lead, and makes sure the joint is completely sealed either with electrical tape, or better with heat-shrink tubing. As before, just type those words directly into Google to learn more...

Yes,That is what i did,So far it is working wonderfuly,Thanks again!

You're welcome, and congratulations on a successful project!

Now i Found myself a 5V regulator,i will Build a cirqit with it to charge my PSP via the battery,Its kinda hard to explain what it is

Even though every one of us told you so?

Just right about now people have been telling me about the insulated ones.

Ah, so you've only just seen the comments now.

  • sierrabravo pointed it out on May 6, 2009 8:06 PM
  • I pointed it out on May 6, 2009 10:30 PM
  • Lemonie pointed it out today, May 7, 2009 12:00 PM

Obviously, if you didn't get any of those comments until this afternoon, then you're seeing them all at once. However, a fairly trivial Google search would have told you the answer.

yes,Just today,I check Daily for new comments. And no,Google woud not have helped me at all,I am no good with google

. Then get male spade connectors. The pic shows females.
. I have installed thousands of crimp connectors and shorts are very low on the list of possible problems.
. What do you mean by "the Wires are all lose and all"?

Argh...Yes,If they are fixed to the battery,But Just the cables hanging like that,Being directly from the battery,It can cause a short

Hotglue the wires to the battery after you crimp/solder/duct tape the connectors to the wires. This way the two wires will not accidently touch each other as you seem to be concerned about. Or, you could do something like I drew in this picture. Get two small plastic boxes. Run the wire into the plastic box. Attach a connector of some kind to the plastic box. Attach the wire to the connector. Attach via JB Weld or something similar the two plastic boxes to the battery.

battery connector.bmp

Hmm,That seems like a good idea. But where could i get plastic boxes?

You could get small plastic boxes at a craft store of some sort. I got some that are used for separating beads that would work. Or possibly at a drug store you could pick up a pill separator.

Pill separator? Well,I allready got this figured out,Thanks anyways.


9 years ago

honestly... a well done crimp job can be very secure, you must use a crimping tool to do so. What you are doing with the battery will often dictate the best way to make attachments... some more details would be helpful

Its ok,Thanks,I will do that

you could crimp the spades on, then wrap electrical tape around each one. or you could buy the spades that have rubber on them already