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How can I add a second hard drive to my computer? Answered

I recently bought a computer that uses a SATA hard drive, I would like to add a second hard drive inside the tower. I have a few SATA plugs available but my issue is that it seems that there is only one slot for a hard drive. I would like to have it internal and hopefully not look like crap. Is there something I can buy or build to hold the hard drive inside the tower? I've added a picture of the top of the tower where the original hard drive is. Thanks for any assistance you can help with.


connect the sata cord and power cord to your 2nd hard disk since you have 4 sata ports on your motherboard.Then switch on your computer.On desktop right click on my computer then select manage.This will open up a window.On that window click on storage and then click on disk Management to partition your 2nd hard disk.So that your 2nd hard disk will be shown in mycomputer

All you need is an additional bus with socket.

If you have a vacant bay in your computer tower you could use a mobile rack tray. Very easy to install.

So I would be able to throw it where the floppy disk drive would normally go? Is there a specific mobile rack tray that would be better for that space or specific hard drive?

if you have a spare 3.5 inch drive bay (such as your floppy drive bay or an extra non used one) or you can do without something that's using a 3.5 inch drive bay, you can grab this. Internal HDD Mounting Kit

Just click on the highlighted text "mobile rack tray" on my previous response and you will be taken to a SATA mobile rack tray sold by JDR®. Depending where your floppy drive is located you can used the tray. If it is a computer bay large enough for a CD-ROM or DVD drive, perfect. If your floppy drive is in a smaller dedicated slot, it will not work.

buy a external hard drive


5 years ago

you could go to costco and pick up a portable hard drive and plug it in with the USB port in the front of the computer. Then, sense the thing is so small, put it inside the case and it should work! I havnt actually tried this to see that it works though.


5 years ago

The only absolute is that you must have an open SATA port on your mobo. Securely attach the HDD to any convenient place on the PC chassis (inside or out) with some homemade straps or brackets, connect the SATA cable and power cable and you're good to go.

You should be able to find a suitable bracket for mounting a harddrive in one of the unused DVD drive spaces, or you may be able to mount it ,here a floppy disk drive would normally go.

The computer did come with a worthless floppy disk drive I was thinking about that but is there a delete to fill the void on the face of the computer?

Unless you built it yourself and removed the blanking plate, or a different version of the PC comes with the slot blanked off you will probably have difficulty trying to find something to blank it off with. Oter than that, you would either have to try and mount the front off of the floppy disk drive or some other plate in the hole.

If there is no second hard drive slot you are out of luck because they use moving parts and have to be in a solid location.
However you could put an SSD in anywhere because it has no moving parts. In many computers you see people who have used velcro to stick SSDs to the inside of their case.
Another thing you could do is get an external hard drive.
The thing though which I think you should do is get a HDD Enclosure. This works by putting your 3.5 inch drive in a small case which turns it into an external drive. This then outputs USB (I recommend USB 3.0) which you can plug into a USB port on your case.

Hmm I like the ssd idea but I think cost effectiveness I'd be better off buying a tb external and just keeping on the top of the tower. Thanks for the advice