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How can I add recoil action to a toy gun? Answered

is there a way that I can add recoil action to a toy gun when I shoot?

I don't want rumble action, you know?, like when you shoot the gun vibrates, I can do that with a pager's motor, cell phone  or some little motor like that, I want it to actually kick my hand backwards a little bit, not too much.

I want it for this project.


thank you for your time



Best Answer 8 years ago

You need a solenoid with a weight on the end.  You can vary the force by changing the voltage and/or the weight.

g00gle solenoid if you don't know what they are.


Answer 8 years ago

Not able to run this myself, mind explaining how a solenoid with a weight on it would simulate kickback?


Answer 8 years ago

A solenoid is an electromagnet with a cylinder running thru the middle and there is a spring loaded steel rod that can move inside the cylinder.  When you apply voltage to it the solenoid pin snaps into the center of the magnet.  As this rod is pulled into the magnet it the magnet will pull against your gun and the gun in turn will push against your hand.  Just that much alone might be enough to simulate the recoil and if not you can attach different amounts of weight to increase the effect.

Solenoid.  Think of a solenoid as a "short stroke linear motor".  They are used in car door locks, washing machines and are often available in surplus outlets.  Real pinball machines use them and there are several pinball parts houses on the internet.

Newton's third law.  It's the sentence written in red.